The Sixth Annual Go Code Colorado Competition is ramping up to the final event and you don’t want to miss it! The twelve teams that have made it to the finals are ready to present their submissions in two dynamic formats after which two winners from both the Business Product Track and the Business Analytics Track will take home cash awards totaling $60,000!

This has been a year of honing the competition to make it the most valuable it can be for both competitors and businesses across the State. We combined Challenge Weekend and Mentor Weekend into one jam-packed work and inspiration filled Challenge Day in both the Front Range and Western Slope. We added a new track dedicated solely to deep dives into data with the Business Analytics Track hoping to attract different types of competitors, and it WORKED! We have had nearly forty teams looking at all the angles, solutions and datasets that would take them to the finals and here we are with twelve of those teams, and the judges highlighted below.

Our judges are esteemed not only for what they have built or developed but for their absolute dedication to Colorado. From leadership roles at non-profit foundations, State agencies, and the private sector, these individuals give back again and again, and we can’t thank them enough. Judges will be looking at several factors when they select the four winners, which will each take home $15,000. How new and different is the idea is from what is currently available? How are the teams adding value to public data and delivering it to Colorado businesses to assist with data-driven decision making? How useful is the product or analyses? The judges will be supported by a separate technical evaluation of the product, which they will factor in, along with the teams’ presentations in selecting a winner.

Check out the Finalists Blog to see what ideas made it to the end and read below to learn a bit more about the wealth of knowledge our judges bring to the competition. Lastly, REGISTER to attend the Final Competition and Award Event – you don’t want to miss it!


Business Product Track

Jon Gottsegen

Jon Gottsegen is Chief Data Officer at Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology, where he is responsible for state enterprise-wide data sharing and governance strategy and policies. His focus has been on innovative use and analysis of information and developing a culture of data sharing and transparency and improved governance. Jon also chairs the state’s Government Data Advisory Board (GDAB) and manages the state’s open data program.

John Wilker

John Wilker is an Event Organizer and Consultant. He is Founder of 360Conferences, as well as a board member at Colorado’s Authors’ League and writer at Rogue Publishing. He co-founded a co-working space called Uncubed and helped launch and run the Non-Profit Denwhere. John is very active in Denver’s startup community, where he helped to organize Denver Startup Week.

Aaron Willis

Aaron Willis is Transportation Planner at Colorado Department of Transportation, where he assists in the development, review, and preparation of Colorado’s long-range statewide transportation plan and regional transportation plans. Aaron served as the public involvement lead for the Colorado 2040 Statewide Transportation Plan. His specialties include civic engagement, meeting facilitation, policy analysis, project management, and transportation planning.

Julia Richman

Julia Richman is Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at City of Boulder, CO, where she works as a city-wide partner to improve overall city capacity. She has been working in and with public sector institutions for more than a decade and excels at large scale public sector transformations, specifically those related to mega-scale strategic initiatives and technology.


Business Analytics Track

Barbara Cohn

Barb Cohn is a Chief Data Officer and Innovator. She values curiosity and challenges entrenched thinking. She sees the benefits of turning raw data to actionable knowledge. Barb was the recipient of the 2016 Government Technology award: “Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers in Public-Sector Innovation.”​ She is currently the Chief Data Officer and Senior Consultant for the Colorado Department of Transportation. She was born and raised in Brooklyn but enjoys experiencing the food, wine, and people of Colorado.

Toni Rosati

Toni Rosati is a Lead UX Researcher, Coach, and Facilitator who helps companies create engaging products and services. She shares her talents in many ways: Founder of Hexagon UX, Lead Researcher at Gloo, as well as Coach and Strategist at True Trail Coaching. In her spare time she could be found spending time with her dog or foster pet, sipping a Colorado beer, taking photos or organizing a data analytics, coding or crafting Meetup!

Matthew Krusemark

Matt Krusemark is Founder and CEO of Kspatial, LLC, where he provides smart solutions for data challenges of small to mid-size organizations. Certified in Project Management, he also led technical teams in the corporate world for years before offering smaller businesses his practical solutions to help them sort through the data challenges that might be holding them back. In addition, Matt teaches online courses in Civil Engineering that he helped develop for the University of Colorado at Denver. His catchphrase is “I love data, so you don’t have to,” and for some of us that is a bit of a relief, especially when there is a pro like Matt at the wheel.

Jennifer Newcomer

Jennifer Newcomer is Principal of Research for Shift Research Lab, where she manages a passionate team of analysts charged with the coordination, development, and analysis of information about communities and the market to support data-driven decisions. Shift Research Lab is a program of the Piton Foundation, which for almost 40 years has been making philanthropic investments across Colorado to improve the lives of low-income children. Overcoming persistent issues of inequality and lack of opportunity requires a new way of thinking and investing that combines business, data, and philanthropy. She is also Director of Research at Gary Community Investments.

Business Product & Business Analytics Tracks

Devin Reams

Devin Reams is Engineering Manager at Mozilla where he leads a team responsible for Firefox Lockbox, and he built a marketing website for Firefox Premium Products. He has also worked for GitHub and Crowd Favorite. He is passionate about technology and business. Devin enjoys working where he can negotiate, work with a smart team, and help to build exciting things.

Andrew Homeyer

Andrew Homeyer is VP of Engineering at Halp – formerly Bubbleiq. He was Chief Maker at CalendarBot and Founder of Others admire his collaborative leadership style, his ability to empathize with the user, and to create practical solutions. He thrives when helping early companies grow their team and find product/market fit. Andrew enjoys seeing others succeed as part of a team.






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