Photo of two men seated at a table and one man and two women standing behind them. One seated man is pointing at a laptop screen, and the group is discussing what’s on the screen.

The Go Code Colorado competition attracts tech savvy, best-in-class mentors who volunteer their time to support Go Code Colorado teams. If you want to help Colorado teams build amazing business insights, analyses and tools using public data, then join our team of mentors! You can join us during: Challenge Day, helping teams as they work on the first iterations of their ideas. You may also join us after Semi-Final Submissions as teams in your area race to the finish line.

We’re looking for mentors who have experience with:

  • Working with, visualizing, crunching, or otherwise obsessing over data.
  • Mathematics, philosophy or logic.
  • Starting up a tech business.
  • App development skills.
  • Positioning and determining market need for ideas.
  • Presenting ideas.
  • SCRUM or other project management processes.

If you’d like to get involved as a mentor, send an email to Go Code organizer, and we’ll be in touch!

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