Six teams win BIG — Go Code Colorado 2022

DENVER, May 27, 2022 — Go Code Colorado, a Secretary of State’s Business Intelligence Center (BIC) initiative, announced the six winning teams that impressed judges during the final competition and awards event last night. The competition challenges participants to develop insights and solutions that address key Colorado business issues. Teams compete to integrate Colorado’s public data into tools and valuable analytics for business decision-makers. The winning teams from the Business Application and Business Analytics Tracks walk away with $80,000. Two finalist teams were also chosen for the second annual People’s Choice Award.

“I continue to be impressed by the innovative and collaborative spirit of the Go Code Colorado teams,” said Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. “This year’s winners proved that with the help of public data, we can tackle unique challenges and create innovative solutions for Colorado businesses.”

The six teams, three from each track, that won are:


  • 1st PlaceHealth Cares, Grand Junction – Team HealthCares will evaluate the relationships between county variables and chronic illnesses across Colorado counties.
  • 2nd PlaceOpen Water Foundation, Fort Collins – The OpenWaterFoundation satisfies the need for actionable information about water issues locally to address water problems with this analysis.
  • 3rd PlaceWNV, Grand Junction – WNV analyzes the West Nile Virus in Colorado by diving into the who, what, when, where, why, and how. 


  • 1st PlaceColorado Health Oasis, Fort Collins – CHO is a novel application that addresses the global problem of “healthcare deserts” or disparities in healthcare geographically.
  • 2nd PlaceDevourCO, Grand Junction – DevourCO is an app that connects local food consumers to local food producers.
  • 3rd PlaceTrailFunds, Grand Junction – TrailFunds maps trails to Trail Organizations and notifies users to donate money for support. 

The People’s Choice Award winners are Trail Funds in the Business Application Track and Health Cares from the Business Analytics Track, with their submissions addressing trail maintenance funding and an analysis of the relationships between location variables and chronic illnesses across Colorado, respectively. 

The competition as a whole relies heavily on sponsors as well as satellite and technical partners. Go Code Colorado’s longest-running sponsor has been with Great Divide Brewing, a natural fit for both entities as supporting Colorado businesses and sustainability is key to both missions. Satellite partners Epicentral CoWorking, Colorado Springs, Southwest Colorado Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs (SCAPE), Durango, Colorado Mesa University – Maverick Innovation Center, Grand Junction, Logan County Economic Development CorporationAnnex Coworking, Sterling and General Assembly, Denver all offered teams places to work, mentoring, and a sense of community in their region. 

Technical partners offer teams educational sessions during the competition’s Challenge Saturday, sponsor space for competitors to convene, and give free access to cutting-edge software that aids them in taking their submissions to the next level. Esri, Ditillo Consulting with Tableau, and Brownstein, Farber, Hyatt, and Shreck all contributed significantly to helping teams from every corner of the State. 

If you are interested in getting involved as a mentor, judge, sponsor, satellite, or technical partner in the 2023 competition, contact