Judging Criteria

This page provides information about Go Code Colorado 2018. Check back early 2019 for information about the next Go Code Colorado.



The Challenge is sponsored by Go Code Colorado, the Colorado Secretary of the State, and the State of Colorado, 1700 Broadway Suite 200, Denver CO 80290, gocode.colorado.gov.

Below are the Go Code Colorado judging guidelines for judges in choosing winners of the challenge.

Challenge Weekend judging will be based on the material covered during presentations. In their presentations, Challenge Weekend participants should describe progress made across a range of areas, including strategic planning, market research, design and development, as well as others. Judges will take each team’s overall progress into consideration when they apply the judging criteria.

Final Competition judging will be based on accompanying material provided in each team’s entry, scoring from technical evaluation and data evaluation, and material covered during team presentations.

15% of Score

Is the concept new and different? Does it solve a real problem for business decision-makers?

Teams should clearly show how their idea is new and different from what is currently available in the market and why they believe business decision-makers will use the product.

15% of Score

Is the product feasible? Does the team have the right skills to build this product and gain users?

At Challenge Weekend, judging will be based on whether product ideas are feasible to implement and whether a working product could be deployed. For the Final Competition Event, teams must produce a minimum viable product. This means an app that is available to public users. Teams must project the number of possible or likely users. Teams must explain how they would use the winning resources to advance the product and idea.

20% of Score

Is the product well-built? Does it have useful functionality that will be easily adopted by business decision-makers? Will there be any issue scaling based on the technology or the code structure?

Entries are evaluated as-presented at Challenge Weekend, and as-is for the Final Competition. For the Final Competition, a technical evaluation is performed by independent analysts and submitted to the judges for their use in determining a quality score. The technical evaluation criteria is available online.

10% of Score

Did the team successfully and persuasively explain how their idea will deliver insights to a business decision-maker using public data?

40% of Score

Has the team added value to the public data and cogently delivered it to a business decision-maker to help with the decision-making process?

By its nature, public data is available to all. Teams must show how they have combined or analyzed the data to create new insights that help a business decision-maker. For the Final Competition, a data evaluation is submitted to the judges for their use in determining the data score. The data evaluation criteria is available online.

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