Challenge Weekend Questions

As the weekend progresses, we will keep track of some of the more common questions here on the site.

Where can I learn more about the available datasets?

There is a Data Cheat Sheet that is being updated during the Challenge Weekend and additional details can be found on our Data page.

Are datasets freely available to the public or just made accessible for the challenge?

The datasets are freely available to the public.

Will event become an annual thing?

This project has been funded for two years. Thus, we will have a second year. Whether we will continue the event beyond that will largely be contingent on the success of the first two years.

How many challenges can you be a part of (at once)?

Teams can take on more than one Challenge Statement.

Is my app tied to what’s presented on Sunday or can it evolve/change?

Yes, your app can evolve, but it still must address one of the Challenge Statements and use at least one dataset from the Colorado Information Marketplace.

Can winning teams grow?


Does the app have to be fully functional by judging time on Sunday?

The judges will be looking at potential usability of the app as one element of judging. The app does not have to be completed and fully functional by the end of the weekend.

Will judges only be around during the judging time?

The judges are free to come when they like, but the will be at the Challenge location on Sunday afternoon.

Can teams work over night outside of main time frame of Challenge Weekend?

Teams can work as much or as little as they like, so long as all laptops are closed by 5pm Sunday.

Can an existing team that has registered in Screendoor split off into another team?

Teams who are registered with Screendoor may split off into a new group due to the fact that this is considered a modification of the original registration so long as the new group completes its Screendoor registration by 5pm on Sunday.

What should be in our presentation?

Here is the presentation deck about how to present tomorrow.

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April 13-15, 2018

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