The Partnerships that Make it All Happen: Part 2

These Go Code Colorado partnerships gave several hands, a lot of heart, plenty of guidance, and stellar platforms and services to make our fourth year truly fabulous. Some are long-time partners and others just boarded the bus, but either way, we’re grateful for all the giving.

Our In-Kind Partnerships

Davis, Graham and Stubbs: Thanks to DGS, the second-largest law firm in the state, for helping Go Code Colorado competitors (amidst all that public data) navigate the nuances of forming a business. With presence at Mentor Weekend and Challenge Weekend, these attorneys empowered our teams toward entrepreneurial heights. They presented. They guided. They mentored. Couldn’t have done it without them.

John Dardick of Digital Garage, one of our In-Kind Partnerships, helping out a Go Code participant.Digital Garage: A thousand thanks to DG. Digital Garage is a local startup taking on a competitive space (watch out Heroku). Master of behind-the-scenes support (literally), they provide a platform for developers (in this case Go Code Colorado competitors) to build, run and operate applications in the Cloud. And they gave Go Code Colorado participants access for FREE. With dashboards, libraries and built-in systems admin support to boot, Digital Garage saved team’s time, money and headaches throughout their entire development journey. (John Dardick, Digital Garage pictured on right.)

Great Divide: Ranked as the seventh best brewery on the planet by Beer Advocate Magazine, this Denver-based establishment has become something akin to BFFs with GCC—they’ve been on board with us in some capacity since the beginning. They provided adult beverages to at all of Go Code Colorado’s EIGHT main events in 2017. That’s 82 cases and 1,098 cans of beer donated in 2017 alone. We call that some data you can drink to.

Great Divide was one of Go Code Colorado's in-kind partnerships. They provided libations for the What’s in a name, anyway? So darn much. A big shout out to this sponsor who handled our domain registration, email addresses and web hosting services this year. You might be familiar with Jared Ewy,’s community evangelist, social media specialist and all-around wild and crazy guy. Not only was he a past Go Code Colorado MC (and back again this year), but his videos typically go viral. Thanks Thanks Jared. We couldn’t be this organized or attention-getting without you.

Boomtown: This startup accelerator is dedicated to customizing the entrepreneur experience in a 12-week boot camp where participants leave with their mind-blown, butt-kicked, ego shattered and the feeling that they can accomplish anything. And for Go Code Colorado, this amazing, Boulder-based accelerator is offering a selection interview to our three winning teams. Plus Boomtown sent their insanely passionate leadership staff to mentor weekend. If you need us, we’ll be over here, counting our lucky stars.

GitHub: Code has to be stored. Accessible. Organized. Version-controlled. Lots more things too. This is what GitHub does. And thanks to them, Go Code Colorado competitors didn’t have to find their own vendor. Instead, this powerful, open-source tool saved teams literally dozens of hours and thousands of dollars. GitHub even sprung for an executive account and gave their time for trouble-shooting at Challenge Weekend. Git-y-up. (Devin Reams from GitHub pictured below on the right.)

Our in-kind partnerships keep Go Code Colorado running. Thanks to all of our sponsors for their help!

Twitter: Unless you’ve been living under a painted rock in your organic vegetable garden, you might be familiar with Twitter. They not only supported our 140-character, social media thing, but Twitter also gave a class on Big Data (note the caps) at mentor weekend. As data junkies, we think we’re keeping pace. And yet, we still heard stuff that made our head spin. Many thanks, Twitter, for empowering, educating and putting your logo where your love is.

Waffle: This project management solution integrates with GitHub (another cool sponsor) and is part of the CA Technologies family. With automatic updates, a customized configuration and at-a-glance workflow, Waffle provided essential organization, speed and efficiency for the Go Code Colorado competition. But there’s more. They also offered super-cool support by making themselves available for troubleshooting via Slack during Challenge Weekend! Thanks man.






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