MongoDB helps people build amazing applications.

Competitors will be able to access:

  • Access to $200 in Atlas credits for the first 50 competition team members to complete the survey in the ‘how to get it’ section.
  • MongoDB is the leading modern, general-purpose database platform, designed to unleash the power of software and data for developers and the applications they build. 
  • The most widely used NoSQL solution, MongoDB thinks about your data the same way you do: as documents and objects to be edited often.

Expert Support

  • Join MongoDB in Remo on Challenge Saturday, March 6. Get a jump start with this great tool by asking them questions between 12:30 and 1:30!
  • Watch the helpful webinar on the basics below and then join us for one or both of two Q&A sessions with MongoDB experts to get the most out of this tool.
    • Q&A sessions with MongoDB experts:

Register for Tuesday, March 30, 1-1:30MST

Register for Thursday,  April 1, 1-1:30MST

How to Get It

How Use It:

  • Decide if Atlas or Enterprise is the best fit for your applications and gear up to build solutions that outperform any other stack – all in one access point!
  • Mongo DB’s webinar “Back to Basics” covers just that – the basics! Access to this video requires an email sign in, but once you’re in check out these sections:
    • 2:20 – 15:30 What’s the difference between MongoDB and traditional relational databases?
    • 16:30 – 25:00 What is MongoDB Atlas and the Data Lake?
    • 25:00 – 26:00 Sample MQL code – Mongo Query Language
    • 27:10 – 28:40 MongoDB Charts and integration with Tableau and other
    • 30:00 – 42: 50 Demo Time!
    • 43:20 – end Tips and Tricks!