Mentor Panels for Go Code Colorado 2022

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 Wednesday, April 13 Mentors:

John Dardick – Principal Owner at Spring Creek

John is an accomplished business management, and transformation executive. He has extensive experience and knowledge in start-ups and large enterprises – innovative strategy development and functional management of supplier portfolios, vendor business development, inventory planning and procurement, sourcing, business operations, and logistics for products and services in technology OEM, wholesale distributor, and reseller channels.


Tyler Sym – Senior Manager, Video Platforms at Charter Communications
Tyler believes that data is how we inform our most important decisions, and he is passionate about using it to improve the way we understand scientific, economic, and human patterns. Specifically, some of his interests include: machine learning, data visualization, algorithm optimization, metric creation, data architecture, and ETL.

Tyler has participated in two REU’s at UMass Amherst and SRI International, and gained skills working with, analyzing, and interpreting large sets of data. Professionally, he has worked as an advanced analytics consultant, helping companies ensure quality data and leading stakeholder presentations.

David Raymes – GameSense Sports (Techstars ’20) | COO & Corporate Development 

At GameSense, David has been helping to build a great culture, work on product, test & execute GTM, growth hack, develop partnerships, and lay the foundation for scaling & operational excellence. He is a results-oriented executive with energy and integrity who has diverse entrepreneurial and operational experience. A dot-connector with a dry wit, I am known for being a creative, strategic and analytical thinker and lifelong learner with an abundance of curiosity.

Having founded 4 businesses with 3 successful exits (not the dot-com) – David enjoys working with and advising seasoned leaders and startup founders alike. His background as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor affords perspective to these business leaders. In addition, David gives back to the business community by volunteering working with startups and entrepreneurial organizations.

Jeff Ditillo – Agile Software Product Management

Jeff is a successful Agilist, Product Owner, and Lean Startup enthusiast with deep experience in the software industry. Known for being a relentless learner, team builder, and effective communicator, he collaborates and focuses on delivering value. Passionate about inspiring his teams and providing the tools needed to deliver the right products with high quality that customers need collaboratively and creatively, bringing out the best in everyone on the team.

Jeff’s specialties are Agile product management, product ownership, lean startup, technical analysis, enterprise application development, business processes, Agile coaching, Scaled Agile, and facilitation. 

Devyn Jonash – Head of Engineering at

Devyn is head of engineering and part of the founding team for a company that spent a decade building sites and is now happy to be bringing all of that knowledge to a platform that’s challenging the status quo.

Eric RosenfeldProduct & Team Builder | Amazon

Eric is an engineering & product management executive and loves helping people, teams, and companies achieve great things.

Kathy Boelter – Strategic Advisor, Business Development and Operations Executive | Dressler Consulting

Throughout her career, Kathy has been a customer centric and experience enthusiast. She easily sees the big picture and enjoys helping problem solve toward better solutions and outcomes.

Kathy owns and grows customer relationships built on strategic decisions and delivering an outstanding experience. She has developed and executed on programs and strategies for recruiting as well as growing customer relationships. Kathy ensures best practices are in place to build a successful and inclusive culture and partner with stakeholders to design and implement programs that attract, retain, and develop a diverse workplace.

Saturday, April 16 Mentors:

Cynthia Del’AriaCEO & Co-Founder Precursa

Cynthia started her first company at 15, and sold it to a major competitor 4 years later. She started her second company a few years after that, and sold that one 4 years later as part of a strategic acquisition. Cynthia is now on her 4th tech company, and she knows how to dig into your idea and find the gold, the killer feature, the thing your users absolutely cannot live without… And she knows how to help you turn it into a business that will make real money for you.

Angus Chassels – Entrepreneur in Residence

Angus has taught over 30 classes on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado. He is currently involved in student start ups and projects involving video games, cube-sats, high powered rockets, autonomous car development, and big data analysis for medicine/neurology. Angus is currently work with 4 private funded start ups.

James Foy – Founder-Hispanics and Tech – BDR

James is an energetic hunter and solution-based sales leader with over 20 plus years of experience driving sales for both startups and established companies that need to retrench. His strengths lie in complex software and service-based sales.

The methodology James employs is Customer Centric Selling with exposure to other methods that include Challenger and SPIN among others. James has lead generation experience in pursuing deals in excess of $1 million and direct sales in closing deals in excess of $100,009. He has been both a CRM administrator and a power user.

Lindsey Zibell – Director, Product Management | Alteryx

Lindsey is an Alteryx evangelist and product enthusiast who leverages the entire Alteryx platform and key data strategies to drive value.

Matthew Kerley – Founder at ION Communications

Matthew is a creative technologist and young entrepreneur working with leaders in his field to contribute to the advancement of technology.

Daniel Ritchie – Web3 Pioneer

Daniel is a distinguished engineer focused on company-wide DevOps efforts. Primarily responsible for implementing Continuous Delivery, assisting teams with adoption of DevOps, and other efforts related to systems integration, workflow design, configuration automation, value steams and performance optimizations. Application architecture includes multiple complex n-tier distributed systems, covering a wide range of existing and emerging technologies. IAC for on-premise as well as cloud infrastructure.

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