Introducing the 2017 Go Code Identity…

Every year, we watch our community grow and evolve.

And every year, our community pushes through multiple iterations. Of ideas. Of apps. Of presentations. But we always keep pushing. Because we know that sometimes a mere nuance can make a big difference in moving an idea forward and making it better.

So it goes with the Go Code identity and logo. Every year, in an effort to connect with the spirit of this collaborative community, we go back to the source and come up with a twist on our identity (the artist formerly known as Go Code Colorado).

In fact, we decided that our logo is like a developer superhero. It never dies, it just reboots.
So. . .wait for it. . .Here’s our Fabulous Year Four Logo

The Go Code identity and logo for 2017 draws inspiration from the past--specifically, the 1980s.

It’s got depth. It’s got color. And it’s got local flavor. Just like a Colorado brew.

How did we come up with this year’s Go Code identity?

At the drawing board (okay laptop, I mean, really, what is a drawing board?) we pondered state pride, Go Code Colorado history, and cultural zeitgeist.

This led us to building on the current identity, which includes classic coder symbols, beautiful sky colors and the Colorado flag, but embracing a new element:  the popular “now” which used to be the “past”.

A past called the 80s.

Which is how we ended up with a logo that features “the grid,” likely familiar to you because of its overuse in, say, Friday Night Videos, VHS tape labels and Daily Doubles.

The 2017 Go Code identity on water bottles.The 2017 Go Code identity as a sticker.The 2017 Go Code identity on finalist jackets.Who designs all this stuff? Justin Stollsteimer is responsible for our brand identity and how it gets translated to the swag you love. T-shirts, water bottles, shiny coats (if you’re a finalist), stickers and pet sweaters (not really).

“It’s pure nostalgia!” says Justin, referring to the logo design. “I was just a kid in the 80s. But recent popular culture throwbacks have resurrected fond memories. Part of this decade’s zeitgeist is, in fact, the past.”  

Justin Stollsteimer is the creative behind the 2017 Go Code identity.What’s Justin’s story? He was a coder in a previous life. In fact, when his parents bought a Mac in the 80s, he couldn’t wait to take it apart. But after a degree in Computer Science, his inner artist showed up. And wanted to party.

Upon entering the real world in 2003, just as Google and Apple were coming of age, his combination of code talent and design cred was a strange thing. And in-demand.  FusionBox called shotgun and they’ve been riding with him for years. Now he does a little moonlighting for us.

Apart from the LCD Sound System reunion in 2016 and his family (aww), Justin’s next biggest inspiration just might be Go Code Colorado. 

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