Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (Baas) built on Google’s scalable infrastructure. It provides developers with a variety of tools and services to help them build their apps quickly, maintain quality, and grow their user base effectively. SDKs are available for iOS, Android, Flutter, Python, Node, and other platforms.

Competitors will be able to access:

  • Multiple Google Firebase and Cloud products, including NoSQL databases, web hosting, serverless functions, analytics, messaging, file storage, machine learning tools, and much more. These tools are a perfect fit for Go Code Colorado competitors looking to validate their ideas and deploy functional code quickly.

Expert Support:

  • Check out the presentation by Google Firebase on Challenge Saturday. 
    • The presentation will discuss rapid prototyping using both Flutter, a cross-platform mobile framework, and Firebase, a Backend-as-a-Service infrastructure.

How to Get It:

How to Use It:

  • Build applications fast, simple, and easily.
  • Navigate to the Go Code Colorado #google Slack Channel to ask an expert any questions you may have, and watch the video to learn how to maximize your app-building skills.