From container-based hosting to databases and AI services, Google Cloud provides everything you need to get your Go Code Colorado apps up and running.

Competitors will be able to access:

  • Google Cloud is providing $500 worth of credits to 30 Go Code Colorado participants.

Expert Support:

  • On Wednesday, March 17th, at 1:00 pm our representative from Google will give a presentation on Google Cloud and containerization and the state of the industry. This session will be recorded and include a Q&A.
  • On Wednesday, March 31st, our representative from Google will host a Remo table at the Business Solutions Challenge Mentor Event, Thurs 6-8 pm MST to answer additional questions. 
  • Setting you up for successful submission shortly after.

How to Get It:

How to Use It:

  • Deploy applications, run massive queries on data warehouses, spin up a simple virtual machine. You have endless possibilities on Google Cloud!
  • Navigate to the Go Code Colorado #google Slack Channel to ask an expert any questions you may have, and watch the video to learn how to maximize your app-building skills.
  • Attend sessions! Use Google Cloud credits! Have fun! Build cool things!


Intro to Containers Part 1 – Basics

Intro to Containers Part 2 – Creating with Buildpacks

Intro to Containers Part 3 – Deploying Containers