Go Code Colorado Road Show Gets Traction!

Last month, Go Code Colorado went on the road—from Fort Collins and Colorado Springs to Grand Junction, Durango and Pueblo—to spread the word about the 2018 challenge. We’re also scheduling more Road Show events, so bring yourself, your friends, colleagues, neighbors—the whole darn village, because that’s what this competition is all about.

Our Fort Collins event was held at Innosphere as part of its monthly Innovation After Hours education and networking event and in partnership with The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) Innovation & Entrepreneurship IN2 Program. The Go Code Colorado website features an NREL public API that provides energy data on the additional data resources page. In addition to providing information about the Go Code Colorado challenge, the Fort Collins event was a great opportunity for Go Code Colorado organizers and participants to learn more about NREL’s programs to accelerate the transfer of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to the marketplace and for those who came to the event because of NREL to learn more about Go Code. Win-win—that’s what we’re all about.

Factory hosted the Go Code Colorado road show event in Grand Junction and will also host the Grand Junction Challenge Weekend. Several past Go Code participants turned out to share their experience and enthusiasm with folks interested in participating this year. Karl Castleton, a returning participant and Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Colorado Mesa University, said, “I have participated in Go Code every year. I see Go Code as an opportunity to grow the Tech Industry on the Western Slope and provide young technologists an opportunity to show off their skills. That is good for them and good for our community.” We couldn’t agree more.

The Durango Road Show Event took place in Durango’s newest coworking space—R Space Coworking at The Leland House and Rochester Hotel. Go Code never fails to surprise, and this event was no exception. There were a mix of people present, some Go Code veterans who were new to coworking and some coworking veterans who were new to Go Code. And in that whole mix were also a bunch of musicians who started a jam session with another group of roving musicians from the community. All in all, it turned out to be a great community interaction. And, we’re pretty sure the whole realities-overlapping-and-intersecting vibe brought some new people into the Go Code fan club.

Past participants, new recruits and local leaders all mingled together to celebrate the growing tech community and opportunities for the future in Colorado Springs. Hosted at Epicentral Coworking, attendees brainstormed new organizations to reach out to and ways to support businesses throughout the region. In addition to hosting Go Code Colorado Challenge Weekend next month, Epicentral hosts a variety of interesting events (listed on their homepage) that are definitely worth checking out.

The Pueblo City-County Library showcased the Go Code Colorado Road Show event in their InfoZone News Museum. Attendees learned about the new challenge statement and program goals, especially to involve participants from all across Colorado. Because we know the best new ideas to put public data to work for Colorado businesses are going to come from the full richness of Colorado talent everywhere.

Thanks to everyone who made the Go Code Colorado 2018 Road Show a success! If you missed one of the events, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to connect with us, including our regular webinar series.

What’s Next?

Announcing Go Code Colorado Webinars

Tune in for a Go Code Colorado Webinar to help yourself get the most out of the competition. From “Go Code 101” to preparing for Challenge Weekend and participating in a data brainstorm, we want to get you informed and set you up for success.

Challenge Weekend Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Here’s your checklist to participate in Go Code Colorado 2018:

  1. Read our February 8, 2018 blog about what’s new and different for 2018.
  2. If you haven’t already, register to participate! You don’t need a team to register. Sign up as an individual and go from there.
  3. Start forming a team or look for a team to join. When you register for Challenge Weekend, you get access to the Go Code Colorado workspace on #Slack, and you can use the #findateam channel to look for team members or find a team to join.
  4. Start some conversations. Go Code will provide the data resources and mentorship support for teams, but teams need to talk to folks who make decisions for their business and learn about what businesses actually need. Whoever that business decision maker is—the head of a small business or middle management in a large business—start asking them: How do you make decisions? What information do you use? What kind of research do you conduct? And, very important, what are the gaps that you would like filled? Find the data that can help fill in those gaps, and that’s your idea.
  5. Start work on the product, if you want. You can begin work on your idea before Challenge Weekend.
  6. Show Up! You can show up on Friday of Challenge Weekend with a full team and a product that you’ve already started building. You can show up with an idea, a few team members and look for additional skills to round out your team. You can show up looking to become part of a team. It’s up to you. If you’re looking to join a team, make sure you come prepared to tell others about your skills and experience.
  7. Spread the word! Invite your friends and colleagues to follow us social media and sign up for our email updates.

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