Go Code Colorado Kicks Off Ninth Year of Competition


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Go Code Colorado Kicks Off Ninth Year of Competition 

DENVER, Jan. 26, 2022 — The Colorado Secretary of State’s office is proud to announce the ninth annual Go Code Colorado competition launch, which will award over $80,000 in money and in-kind tools to six teams. Go Code Colorado, a Business Intelligence Center (BIC) initiative, challenges competitors to use public data to solve real-world issues affecting Colorado’s business and non-profit communities. 

This event is open to competitors regardless of location in the U.S. and invites business owners, entrepreneurs, technology professionals, students, educators, those involved in local, state, or regional economic development, or those who love solving problems with public data to get involved. The competition has two tracks to choose from – the Business Application Track and the Business Analytics Track. Teams must take deep dives into data and develop market-relevant applications and tools in either track.  

“My students and I love participating in Go Code Colorado because it gives us a chance to view the data cycle from mining and cleaning to analysis, visualizations, and presentation of results!” shared Dr. Johnny Snyder, Professor of Computer Information Systems, Colorado Mesa University.

Registration is now open for the Kick-Off event Wednesday, February 23, and will be held live online. This event is a critical gathering to network, meet potential teammates, and, most importantly, join a community of folks with big ideas and bigger ambitions. Whether attending for the first time or your ninth, you do not want to miss this event. To register, or for more information, please visit https://gocode.colorado.gov/compete/.      

If you are not able to compete but have a business problem that may be solved with public data, have public data to share, want to serve as a regional satellite, or join us as a mentor or judge, contact us at info@gocode.colorado.gov.

The Business Intelligence Center (BIC) team continues to publish new business-relevant data in an easy-to-use format on the Colorado Information Marketplace (data.colorado.gov). To date, BIC has published over 350 data assets.


About The Business Intelligence Center (BIC):

The mission of BIC within the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office is to support the advancement of Colorado businesses by streamlining access to public data and providing resources to make that data more useful. BIC accomplishes this by engaging in:

Data Curation and Agency Support: Identifies data sets of high value to the business community. Facilitates technical aspects of working with State, County, and City agencies to regularly upload data sets to a central location (https://data.colorado.gov).

Data Intelligence Resources: Creates workshops and eLearning tools to help users access public data and answer business questions. (https://bic.coloradosos.gov)

Community Engagement: Engages with the technology, data, education, government, and business communities to put the power of public data in the hands of Colorado businesses through Competitions (https://gocode.colorado.gov)