Go Code Colorado Announces 2019 Winners

Four Teams Awarded $15,000 in Award-Winning Competition

DENVER, May 31, 2019 — Go Code Colorado, an award-winning competition that challenges teams to use public data to develop useful business insights, analyses, and tools, announced the four winning teams at the finals event Thursday. The award winners in the Analytics Track are FlowCodeColorado and Sucesso and in the Product Track are EnrollMe and Trackers.

Nearly 50 teams and 200 individuals from across the state competed in this year’s Go Code Colorado. The winning teams presented solutions for food truck owners, school administrators, civil engineers and energy companies.

“This year’s finalists proved that with the help of public date we can tackle unique challenges and create innovative solutions for Colorado,” said Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. “Congratulations to EnrollMe, Trackers, Flowcode and Successo on their victories — your innovative ideas raise up the value of public data.”

John Wilker, Founder of 360 Conferences and a judge at the final competition and awards event shared “Go Code Colorado is an amazing statewide effort to encourage public data use in business. States have and collect so much data it’s great to see Colorado encouraging businesses to make use of it.”

The competition is hosted by the Business Intelligence Center at the Colorado Secretary of State’s office and is funded by business licensing fees. In the six years since its inception, hundreds of developers, designers, business professionals, analysts, entrepreneurs and other big thinkers have participated in the award-winning challenge.

The judges chose the four winners by considering if the team’s submission was new and different, adds value to Colorado businesses by using public data, would help businesses make data-driven decisions, and if the product or analyses are useful. The judges also weighed a separate technical evaluation of each product and their live-pitch at the finals on Thursday.

“It’s wonderful to live in a state that is so clever in how it ties together economic opportunity, civic engagement, technology and data. Being a part of Go Code Colorado is a truly unique experience, one that brings extraordinary pride!” Said judge Julia Richman, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer for Boulder County.

Former Go Code Colorado winner Scott Stoltzman from team FlowCodeColorado out of Fort Collins competed in the newly minted Business Analytics Track and was excited by his second win. “First off, I have to thank my mother. She always encouraged me to compete in anything beyond my comfort level and to be appreciative of any opportunity that arises. Without her support over the years, I may not have been so successful! My second experience was fantastic and I can’t wait to compete again next year.”


Go Code Colorado 2019 Winners

More details on the four 2019 Go Code Colorado winners:



EnrollMe (Denver)

Web application for visualizing public school performance data so administrators of charter schools, new owners of charter schools, and any given business owner looking to locate a new business can see high performing schools in a variety of metrics like current/historical performance metrics and financial history to determine how to open a new school or determine what neighborhood to locate their business in so their employees have access to quality education for their children.


Trackers (Boulder)

(app name Position My Kitchen) Position my Kitchen provides food truck vendors with a web application to locate optimum sites and times using public data about brewery and office locations, pedestrian traffic, farmers markets and Colorado events in combination with demographic data.




FlowCodeColorado (Fort Collins)

Analysis forecasting times when water surplus will be released downstream (aka “free river” events) based on publicly available historical data to inform owners of oil and gas companies when they can capture water required for their processing that would otherwise be required to purchase at non-surplus times.


Sucesso (Denver)

Analysis providing pavement pricing and forecasting combined with public data on Highway quality and projected project needs for civil engineering construction materials procurement buyers looking to utilize recycled materials in future projects.




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