Finalists Announced for the 2021 Business Solutions Challenge!


We are proud to announce the finalists for the 2021 Business Solutions Challenge in both the Analytics and Application Tracks!

Analytics Track Finalists:

  • InterConnectAnalyst

InterConnect Analyst is an analysis tool and report creator to assist telecom business decision-makers to find ways to improve internet access to underserved communities across Colorado.

  • MaverickHousingAnalysis – Investigating rising home prices in Mesa County.

Home prices in Mesa county have risen drastically since 2014. This analysis investigates how estimated population, state goods, and state personal expenditures influence the average sale price of a home over time. The analysis shows prices differ based on location and home prices increase when state goods and estimated population increases.

  • Mavucation – Assessment of Mesa County Valley School District 51 Performance.

Team Mavucation compares Mesa County Valley School District 51’s high school performance to schools across Colorado seeking prospects for improving teacher performance while simultaneously fostering student learning but find inconclusive results suggesting current data collection approaches may be misdirected and should be further developed.

  • UnmaskingTheData – The Continuing Need for Broadband: COVID – 19’s influence.

Broadband availability, capabilities, and access have been prevalent issues in the state of Colorado. The emergence of COVID-19 exemplifies the need for broadband and further intensified its demand. With new lifestyle changes brought about by COVID-19, broadband is needed now and, in the future, more than ever.

  • WhoCARES – PPP Loan Distribution and Effectiveness in the Age of COVID-19.

The Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan was introduced to assist small businesses in paying employees, rent, and other allowable expenses during the COVID-19 pandemic. This submission will analyze loan distribution and effectiveness throughout Mesa County using data from Colorado Information Marketplace and the Small Business Administration (SBA) websites.

  • CRPforOpportunity – Using culturally relevant pedagogy to close the opportunity gap.

The opportunity gap within the education system leads to a disparity in achievement between white students and students of color, English learners, and students with disabilities. Implementing culturally relevant pedagogy lessens the opportunity gap, but we lack the datat to measure a schools’ progress.

Application Track Finalists:

  • ChiroSmartStart

Chiro Smart Start is an interactive map/dashboard that is designed to help any chiropractor starting a new business in Colorado to pick the optimal location based on the current saturation of chiropractors, specific location of other chiropractic offices, traffic counts, and other demographic metrics.

  • COcannabis

An interactive web app for analysis and visualization of Colorado cannabis industry and population data. The app combines county cannabis revenue data, county population data, and cannabis license data to assist current or future licensees in determining when and where cannabis revenue hotspots are or may occur.

  • I70Shuffle

A mobile app to help anyone who travels on I70 to avoid traffic and accidents while getting to their destination on time. “Plan ahead so you keep your head.”

  • PlasticScore – Dashboard to help restaurants identify and implement sustainability improvements

Our dashboard provides restaurants an analysis of their current sustainability practices and gives them recommendations for how they can improve. This includes operational guides, as well as product ratings that factor in the availability of local recycling and composting infrastructure in the rating and help avoid greenwashing.

  • RealtorAssist

Realtor Assistant is an online and mobile information and analysis tool for realtors and consumers to have real-time access to data that would factor into the decision-making process for buying a property in Colorado. Years 2020 and 2021 have seen a rapid rise in the sale of domicile properties within Colorado.

  • WaterProviders, Open Water Foundation – Water Provider Dataset Integration and Visualization

This entry demonstrates the Open Water Foundation’s InfoMapper software to visualize and query municipal water provider data, combining service area data from the Colorado Information Marketplace and other sources. This allows existing customers and new development to locate available water providers for a location.