Digital Globe, Socrata, and Hoptocopter, making Go Code great and telling the world about it

As we continue to highlight the partners that support Go Code Colorado and make it a great event for participants and communities across the state, join us in thanking these partners for their contributions:

DigitalGlobe is returning as a Go Code Colorado partner for the second year. This Colorado-based company provides the satellite imagery for applications you likely use every day, and counts the largest companies and governments in the world as clients. But DigitalGlobe has recently sought to get its imagery into the hands of developers directly, opening its own direct-to-developers API over the last year.

DigitalGlobe generously provided 180 days of free access to their Maps API to Go Code Colorado participants. DigitalGlobe’s Maps API provides 150 million square kilometers of the Earth’s surface in astonishing clarity and works as an important foundational layer in any kind of map-based application. The API provides the ability to access daily updates to imagery from across the world, or a base map called Vivid that offers highly accurate, high resolution color-corrected images.

Go Code is pleased to continue partnering with a Colorado company that continues to push technological boundaries and fuel innovation around the world. Thanks for the support DigitalGlobe.

Socrata has supported Go Code Colorado since our first year and is a key partner: they host Colorado’s central data platform, the Colorado Information Marketplace. Since the beginning, Socrata team members, including their Director of Developer Partnerships, have joined us each year to share business guidance and feedback in panel discussions, help people optimize the technology, host virtual trainings, and support participants throughout the Mentor and Challenge Weekends. Socrata supports countless developer events around the world, and we’re pleased that they continue to support Go Code Colorado. Thanks Socrata for your work to promote open data and bringing your expertise to Colorado each year. 

Hoptocopter Films partnered with Go Code Colorado to share the story of how Go Code is helping to build up tech and startup communities in Colorado.

Located in Grand Junction, Hoptocopter Films discovers your unique story and uses film to tell that story to the rest of the world. They seek to change perception, promote inspiration, and transform industries and communities through the art of film. Hoptocopter is proud to be a Colorado-based film company and we’re pleased they could help us tell the story about Colorado-grown innovation. We can’t wait to show you the video they made. Want to be the first to see it? Join us at the Final Competition event on May 26

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