Current Data Sets for Go Code Colorado

Over 300 of the datasets and maps available on the Colorado Information Marketplace have been curated and are maintained by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Business Intelligence Center (BIC) in collaboration with the agency providing the data. Find these datasets on CIM using keyword “gocodecolorado” to search for type = dataset -or- type = map to discover them as a subset of all the available resources on the CIM

This page features a thematically organized list of datasets that are a small subset of the total count of cleaned datasets. These are featured for their enhanced metadata, but all BIC datasets are  made machine readable, discoverable, and with good metadata. Also check out the Search Dataset Connections tool (on this site) for a different experience exploring the relationships between data.


Uniform Commercial Code Datasets 

These datasets include info on financing statements, effective financing statements (EFS), and liens. 

The BIC has created a Uniform Commercial Code video providing additional context about Uniform Commercial Code. 

View all the Uniform Commercial Code data on Colorado Information Marketplace or use the inventory at the bottom of the page to see all related datasets. 


Business Entities

The Colorado Department of State publishes these amazing business datasets:

  • Business Entities in Colorado – Colorado Business Entities (corporations, LLCs, etc.) registered with the Colorado Department of State (CDOS) since 1864.
  • Business Entity Transaction History – History of all business entity transactions with the Colorado Department of State (CDOS). The dataset goes back to the 1800’s and contains millions of records.
  • Trade Names for Businesses in Colorado – Business data includes trade names or business name, address, commercial products or services by the Colorado Department of State (CDOS).

The BIC also publishes the following resource on using the above business entities datasets: Business Locations and Industry Type. Use this link to see all BIC datasets on CIM with the category “business”. The BIC has created a Business Data video providing additional context about all SOS datasets.


Public Health

Restaurant Inspections

The BIC publishes the following two county-level restaurant inspections datasets and is working to make more public:

Septic Tank

The BIC publishes the following two county-level septic datasets and is working to make more public:



BIC Curates two datasets from the FBI Crime Data Explorer:

Documentation on these crime datasets will soon be available on the kbase.






There are so many datasets and columns associated with the census data that there is a Census Datasets on Colorado Information Marketplace which contains the name and API id for each dataset. Need more in-depth explanations and a guide? Check out the DOLA census page on the Go Code knowledge base.


Race, Single Age, and gender


  • Race Estimates in Colorado – Population estimates by race, age, and gender by counties in Colorado from 2010 to 2016 from the Demography Department of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).


Population Projections




Marijuana Revenue

In-depth documentation will on Marijuana revenue and taxes will be published to the Go Code Colorado kbase.


Consumer Price Index and Gross Domestic Product

  • Consumer Price Index – Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the state from US Bureau of Labor and Statistics from 1913 to 2014 provided by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE).
  • GDP by Metropolitan Statistical Area in Colorado – Gross Domestic Production (GDP) in millions of 2009 Dollars by industry per Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), from 2001 to 2017 in Colorado, as provided by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).



Also check out the CDLE Labor Market Information on our knowledge base!