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Go Code Colorado is all about public government data.

Go Code Colorado organizers use their knowledge of state government operations to make public government data, most commonly known as “public data”, easier to find and easier to use. After we find the public data, participants in the Go Code Colorado competition turn that public data into useful business insights and tools.

Go Code Colorado recognizes government agencies collect mountains of data in the course of regular operations. That data has tremendous potential beyond the agency’s primary purpose, and the private sector is much better positioned to define that value and use the data accordingly. The Go Code Colorado competition asks data analysts, software developers, designers, business and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and other big thinkers to the find value in the data we collect and do something awesome with it.

Learn more about Go Code Colorado’s data resources:

And, if you’re new to the Go Code Competition, be sure to visit the Compete and Rules sections of our website to learn more about the competition.

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