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The Go Code Colorado competition involves multidisciplinary teams with a passion for creating valuable insights and useful tools for Colorado businesses using public data. On this page, you can learn more about how to form a team and what makes a successful team.

As soon as the Go Code Colorado competition kicks off, you can form a team and begin work right away by:

  • Forming a local team. Network through your own circles—from your day job to volunteering to hobbies—and don’t forget LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • RSVP’ing to attend Challenge Day.  We’ll provide access to Go Code Colorado Slack and the #findateam channel. You can offer your skills to an existing team or look for team members for your own team.
  • Showing up. You can come to Challenge Day with your idea and maybe some code. You also can attend Challenge Weekend with no team and no idea and join a team there. Be ready to tell the teams at Challenge Weekend the skills you bring to the table.
  • Reaching out to Go Code organizers if you’re wondering how you can be a valuable part of a team but don’t know where to start.


Two words, one simple answer: multidisciplinary and diverse. The most successful Go Code Colorado teams are diverse and have all the skill sets found in big thinkers, entrepreneurs, software developers, data analysts and scientists, designers, business and marketing professionals, and general doers. Members of successful teams share a passion for building something new, turning data into insights, analyses and building useful tools. Seriously – we can’t emphasize this enough – it takes all kinds of people to make a winning entry for Go Code Colorado.

Got it? Great! Now, learn more about Go Code Colorado requirements.

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