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Hey folks. Join us in the 24-7 virtual nerd party and workspace that we all know and love.

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Before you begin – a heads up on Slack terminology.  In Slack there are “Teams” (organizations) and within Teams are “Channels” (conversation topics).  Slack treats ‘sign-ups’ to Slack on a Team by Team basis – so you do not sign up to Slack one time, but instead create an account with every new Team that you join. This process will get you set up with an account on the Go Code Colorado Slack Organization — — this name will be relevant for when you setup your mobile and desktop Slack apps!

What to expect when you click the link

  1. First, you will be directed to the url (at where you will find a field to enter in your email above the “Get My Invite” button. Once you enter your email, click “Get my invite”.
  2. Navigate to your email and open the email with the invitation to Slack and click “Join Now”.
  3. From there you will be taken to an account setup interface, where you will be asked to enter your “Full Name”, your “Display Name”, and password. Click next.
    1. NOTE: If you have already joined another organization’s Slack Team, you will still need to create an account with a new Full Name/Display Name/password for this Team. Its up to you if you want to keep the same Display Name for different Teams that you join, and we’d appreciate if you make your Full Name your real name 🙂
  4.  Review the terms of service and click “I Agree”.
  5. From there you will be directed to the Web Browser interface for the Go Code Colorado Slack community!
    1. We auto-add you to #general and #data — but be sure to click the “+” symbol above Channels to see if there’s others you might be interested in.

Optimize Slack for Your Enjoyment Experience

Essentially there’s a lot going on, and some stuff you want to be more current with than others. Setting up the desktop and mobile applications and optimizing your notification preferences will enable you to do just that!

Read Documentation

First note, that most questions can be answered by navigating Slack’s documentation, and yes you should take the time to read the users manual.

Explore Channels

Your first step should be to download the desktop and mobile application to the devices you use most regularly. Once installed, spend some time exploring the existing Channels to see what folks are talking about, and make note that most Channels have a “Purpose” set — this will help you to navigate to the right Channel to ask a topic specific question.

Do your best to direct questions to the right Channels — it helps Go Code Colorado organizers with response times. Don’t worry if we ask you to ‘re-ask’ a question in a different Channel – the goal is to keep topic-related conversations active in those spaces!

Optimize Notifications

When you find the Channels that are interesting to you, set notifications to get updates whenever there is a new topic or conversation started (ie message or activity) in that Channel. Other Channels you might decide that you only want notifications for things that you are directly messaged (ie someone uses the “@” symbol in front of your name to tag you). You can also set notifications related to keywords and other fun settings, the more you optimize the better your experience will be!

Communicate with your team

Once you get your notifications down, the last step is to get a good communication rhythm down with your team. The main purpose of Slack is to keep project related conversations in one space, as separate from all of your other media in your life (ie email, text, other IM sites, etc). This means that you can “leave things” for people to find when they next get online. Quite often there are project related details that aren’t urgent, but need to be “kept with the project” — optimizing Slack notifications allow you to send messages without notifications, and in this way vary the urgency of the message. No “@” symbol means no “tiny red #” – and therefore sends the message that “I want you to know about this, but I don’t want to interrupt what you’re doing to tell you.” As in “I’m leaving this here for when you have time to look at it”.

Utilize In-Kind Technology

Slack is the Go Code organizer’s primary hub for getting you access to the resources from our partners. We have dedicated Channels that allow you to ask questions 24-7 about the tool and/or data you are working with. Your responses of course are not guaranteed to be 24-7, but sometimes you get lucky! Otherwise we have a schedule for our response times throughout the competition. Here’s our 2019 SLA!

Hack Your Project!

Use Slack to your advantage by creating private Channels, and explore Slack Tips for the many ways you can improve your process . Organizers of the Go Code Colorado Slack want you to use this workspace to improve your distributed team capacity and ROCK your Go Code Colorado submission — so we give you access to create private Channels. The more you’re in Slack to talk to your team about moving your project forward, the more you’re here having conversations in the public Channels — keeping the nerd party real.