Colorado Tech Tour: Day Three

Day three of the 2016 Tech Tour began in Grand Junction.


A portion of a chairlift terminal awaiting final assembly in the yard at Leitner Poma in Grand Junction.

Our first stop was Leitner Poma, one of just two cable transport system manufacturing companies in the world. Right in Grand Junction, they design and manufacture ski lifts, gondolas, and other transport systems. Leitner Poma employs a full shop of structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers and owns a plethora of patents obtained as they build transport systems for ski resorts, cities, airports, and theme parks around the world.

Next we visited ProStar Geocorp. ProStar is a geospatial intelligence software company serving the oil and gas and utilities industries. They hosted the storing-telling session in conjunction with LAUNCH West CO, a non-profit working to build “digital density” across the Western Slope.

The session highlighted a variety of local companies spanning cartography services, game developers, data migration, and health tech, to name a few. The gathering displayed the full breadth of tech companies and individuals working on the Western Slope. A common theme among the group was the desire to live in Grand Junction for the quality of life, including access to great recreation, while building successful ventures utilizing tech.

We also had the opportunity to watch the video Go Code Colorado recently produced in conjunction with LAUNCH West CO. LAUNCH has been a key partner in bringing together the Grand Junction and surrounding community to help us host successful Challenge Weekends for two years now. Community partners like LAUNCH are critical to our ability to host a truly statewide challenge.

From there, we packed up the bus and headed back to the Front Range. After a quick stop for some Palisade peaches, we headed on to Fort Collins, where we’ll pick up the tour tomorrow.

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