Feb 7 2017

Go Code Colorado Kickoff: Year Four

Go Code Colorado’s kickoff event was hot this year. Festive. Vibrant. And SRO: Standing Room Only. Here are kickoff highlights in case you had a darn-good excuse for staying home. Secretary of State Wayne WIlliams addressed a burgeoning pool of potential competitors. And remember, there’s no mandate on wrangling public data into a usable format. […]

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Jan 25 2017

Expand your network state-wide at Kickoff 2017

REGISTER FOR KICK OFF Colorado. It’s in our name. It’s in our mission. Go Code Colorado is the first (and we think only) program of its kind not because we just felt like it. Our focus is state-wide because it’s funded by businesses from across the state, so we return value to businesses across the state. And this […]

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Jan 18 2017

Introducing the 2017 Go Code Identity…

Every year, we watch our community grow and evolve. And every year, our community pushes through multiple iterations. Of ideas. Of apps. Of presentations. But we always keep pushing. Because we know that sometimes a mere nuance can make a big difference in moving an idea forward and making it better. So it goes with […]

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Jan 4 2017

Go Code Colorado 2017 Kickoff: What’s This Year’s Challenge

It’s time to kickoff the 2017 challenge. And you’re invited. Register now.   When: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 Where: Galvanize, Golden Triangle. Beverages: Great Divide brew and family friendly options as well. Stuff to Eat: Trendy food with sustenance. Figs, mushrooms, maybe meatballs. The Kickoff is a time for curious conversations. Entrepreneurial collaboration amidst chaos. […]

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Nov 23 2016

History of Open Data

When did open data history begin? Who has supported Go Code along the way? And who really built the bridge between government and business?  For this blog, we’re returning to Go Code’s grassroots by exploring open data history since the 1970s. Behold the power of public data, which has been around longer than you may realize. […]

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Oct 28 2016

A Sit-down With Data Guru Margaret Spyker

It’s no secret that the center of Go Code Colorado is data; but what you might not know is who’s behind making the data available and accessible to meet the needs of our challenge participants as they develop their apps: Xentity Corporation, and more specifically, Margaret Spyker. Xentity is the contractor engaged by the Secretary of […]

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Oct 19 2016

Winning Team Updates Q&A

We recently connected with a couple of last year’s Go Code Colorado winning teams to find out what they’ve been up to the last few months. Not surprisingly, they’ve already accomplished a lot. Foodcaster: Better Locations for Food Trucks By combining pedestrian foot traffic and cellular service state data sets with food truck parking regulations, […]

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Oct 6 2016

Announcing the 2017 Competition Schedule

Mark your calendars. The dates for the 2017 Go Code Colorado are set. As always, the competition launches with our kickoff event. It’s the first reveal for the challenge statement and we’ll have content from our partners and mentors that will set you up for success in the competition. And as with all of our […]

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Aug 4 2016

Colorado Tech Tour: Day Four

Day four of the 2016 Tech Tour brought us to northern Colorado. Fort Collins has a rich history with Go Code Colorado, placing winning teams in each of the program’s first three years. So much so, that we put together a video about ‘what’s in the water’ in Fort Collins that has created such strong […]

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Aug 3 2016

Colorado Tech Tour: Day Three

Day three of the 2016 Tech Tour began in Grand Junction. Our first stop was Leitner Poma, one of just two cable transport system manufacturing companies in the world. Right in Grand Junction, they design and manufacture ski lifts, gondolas, and other transport systems. Leitner Poma employs a full shop of structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers […]

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