AT&T returns to support Go Code Colorado innovation

AT&T is one of Go Code Colorado's corporate partners.It takes many hands to build a successful program like Go Code Colorado. One of the key elements is our corporate partners: partners help offset costs, which ensures the competition remains free to participate in. Others offer access to special data, tools, or mentors. Some do both. And some do both year-after-year. As our returning Summit Partner for 2017, AT&T is back supporting Go Code Colorado and its participants. And this year, we’ve upped the ante.

Since the days of the first transcontinental telephone call 100 years ago, AT&T and its subsidiaries have been leading innovation in the ways we connect and communicate. The AT&T Foundry embodies that spirit in fast-paced and collaborative environments, where teams works to deliver applications and services to customers more quickly than ever before. The AT&T Foundry is the company’s network of innovation centers built to explore new technology and the future of the industry. Cross-functional teams work on projects focusing on areas of significant business or technology interest and typically involve external startups, innovators, entrepreneurs, academics, and inventors.

AT&T is one of Go Code Colorado's corporate partners at the Summit level.As part of the 2016 Go Code Colorado challenge, the winning teams had the opportunity to connect with AT&T Foundry staff. The teams connected by telepresence with Foundry staff, who provided the type of insight they deliver to the hundreds of startups that come through Foundry each year.

This year, we wanted to go deeper. So 2017 winning teams will be provided travel to meet with Foundry staff in-person in Palo Alto. Circle June 26th on your calendar for some added motivation. In addition to a $25,000 contract with the state, we’re adding this tremendous opportunity to visit Silicon Valley and meet with Foundry staff to accelerate your idea as you bring it to market. We know that innovation and entrepreneurship is hard, really hard. That’s why we continue adding new ways to support you as you turn public data into valuable business insights, and build a better Colorado in the process.

Be sure to register today for the 2017 challenge. Check out our list of tech resources available to participants. And keep your eye on the blog as we continue rolling out other partnerships that make participating in Go Code Colorado an experience that is well worth your time.

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