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People’s Choice Award

For the 2nd year, a People’s Choice Award was voted on by the general public and the Go Code Colorado community. This year’s winners are:

Analytics Track Winners

HealthCares (Grand Junction)

Application Track Winners:

Trail Funds (Grand Junction)

Business Analytics Track

Samuel Tufts & Madison Vickers

1st Place – HealthCares (Grand Junction)
Team HealthCares evaluated the relationships between county variables and chronic illnesses across Colorado counties. The study showed how obesity could affect society using the information found in the CIM and other public Colorado data outlets. Using data about demographics, healthy and fast-food outlets, and additional information about Colorado counties, the goal was to identify the casualties of the estimated obesity percentage and diabetes-related hospitalizations. The hope is to inspire and incentivize healthy behaviors while encouraging a more aligned public health policy in the State of Colorado.

Steve Malers & Josh Keahey

2nd Place – Open Water Foundation (Fort Collins)
The Open Water Foundation identified a need for actionable information about water issues at a local scale to address water problems. The foundation has been developing InfoMapper software, which provides map-based information products, and applied this software to create the Poudre Basin Information website to demonstrate the usefulness of the software. A feature of the submission was enhancing the software for the competition to provide dashboard features and indicators for water to simplify understanding the status of water issues. The resulting dashboards, water indicators, and workflows offer information so that actions may begin locally to understand and address water problems. 

Dr. Johnny Snyder

3rd Place – WNV (Grand Junction)
West Nile Virus found its way to North America in 1999, starting with the diagnosis of two cases of encephalitis in the Queens borough of New York City. The virus had found its way to Colorado by 2002. Team WNV addressed the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the virus in the 64 counties of Colorado. It showed, from historical data along with qualitative, quantitative, and geospatial methods, that the primary variables behind West Nile Virus cases by county in Colorado are urban/rural classification, water area in the county (in square miles), and if it is an El Niño year or not. The team utilized mapping tools to illustrate the presence of the West Nile Virus and its spread over time through the State.

Business Application Track

1st Place  – Colorado Health Oasis (Fort Collins)
Colorado Health Oasis is a novel application that addresses the global problem of “healthcare deserts” or disparities in healthcare geographically. The application aims to improve access to specialized healthcare for consumers, increase opportunities for service providers, and match healthcare employers with the providers they seek, leading to health oases in the State.

2nd Place – DevourCO (Grand Junction)
DevourCO is an application that connects local food consumers to local food producers. The proposed app will allow users to search for local producers, leave reviews, and upload photos. DevourCO will also enable local producers to connect to cross-promote products and amplify promotional opportunities.

3rd Place – Trail Funds (Grand Junction)

Team Mavucation compares Mesa County Valley School District 51’s high school performance to schools across Colorado seeking prospects for improving teacher performance while simultaneously fostering student learning but find inconclusive results suggesting current data collection approaches may be misdirected and should be further developed.