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A mobile app to help anyone who travels on I70 to avoid traffic and accidents while getting to their destination on time. “Plan ahead so you keep your head.”

People’s Choice AwardAnalytics Track

John Leitzke


The Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan was introduced to assist small businesses in paying employees, rent, and other allowable expenses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The submission analyzed loan distribution and effectiveness throughout Mesa County using data from the Colorado Information Marketplace and the Small Business Administration (SBA) websites.

Business Application Track

Mladen Gajic

1st Place – PlasticScore
The PlasticScore dashboard provides restaurants an analysis of their current sustainability practices and gives them recommendations for how they can improve. This includes operational guides, as well as product ratings that factor in the availability of local recycling and composting infrastructure in the rating and helps avoid greenwashing.

James Swank

2nd Place – COCannabis
COCannabis created an interactive web app for analysis and visualization of the Colorado cannabis industry and State population data. The app combines county cannabis revenue data, county population data, and cannabis license data to assist current or future licensees in determining when and where cannabis revenue hotspots are or may occur.

Steve Malers

3rd Place – Open Water Foundation
This entry demonstrates the Open Water Foundation’s InfoMapper software to visualize and query municipal water provider data, combining service area data from the Colorado Information Marketplace and other sources. This allows existing customers and new development to locate available water providers for a location.

Business Analytics Track

Rachel Neve

1st Place  – CRPforOpportunity
The opportunity gap within the education system leads to a disparity in achievement between white students and students of color, English learners, and students with disabilities. Implementing culturally relevant pedagogy lessens the opportunity gap, but we lack the data to measure a schools’ progress.

John Leitzke

2nd Place – WhoCARES
The Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan was introduced to assist small businesses in paying employees, rent, and other allowable expenses during the COVID-19 pandemic. This submission will analyze loan distribution and effectiveness throughout Mesa County using data from Colorado Information Marketplace and the Small Business Administration (SBA) websites.

Noah LaVau

3rd Place – Mavucation
Team Mavucation compares Mesa County Valley School District 51’s high school performance to schools across Colorado seeking prospects for improving teacher performance while simultaneously fostering student learning but find inconclusive results suggesting current data collection approaches may be misdirected and should be further developed.



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MentorMatter is an app designed to make mentoring easy, impactful, and fun. We will provide the tools you need to create meaningful, professional relationships.

There is a disconnect between the skills that graduates have and what business needs. MentorMatter connects college and university students with volunteer industry mentors to improve recruiting and increase new hire retention through mentorship.

Team members: Aiko Cheslin, Kelley Poturalski, Edgar Cordova, Monisha Merchant, Miguel Truijillo, Dylan Koji-Cheslin, Thi Mai, Scott Pantall & Jaylyn Stoesz

Datasets Used

Datasets on CIM:

Occupational Employment Statistics,

Degrees Awarded


Stay Co-Flow

An incentive-based mobile app designed to encourage and validate responsible commuting behavior. It will reduce traffic congestion by analyzing, predicting, and promoting responsible and environmentally friendly ways to change commuting patterns. Commuters will be incentivized by perks from local businesses.

Team members: Nick Volpe, Jasser Mohamed, Wiley Thayer, Jeremy Folds, Tamer Mohamed & David Sanchez

Datasets Used

Datasets on CIM:

Traffic Feeds in Colorado


Pikr Knows helps people discover activities and excitement in Colorado. Whether you are looking for beer and outdoor adventures or arts and entertainment, Pikr Knows what is fun to do.

Users willingly offer personally identifiable information in exchange for suggestions of interesting things to do. This visibility informs businesses as to how they might adjust their business models, offerings and marketing/sales efforts to maximize profitable and sustainable revenue.

Team members: Woljiech Magda, Jordan Majd, Kevin Winn, Rich Kopcho & David Crook

More information on the 2015 WINNERS

Datasets Used

Datasets on CIM:

CPW Trails


CDOT Colorado Airports

Other Datasets: dataset for ColoradoColorado BreweriesWineries, Distilleries, Breweries14er trails and all campsites



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Simply provide an address and Beagle will fetch a business fitness score based on dozens of sources.

Just let us know where you want to do business and Beagle will fetch dozens of data types and sources. From infrastructure and the neighborhood to the competition, regulations, and taxes, Beagle will rate a location and give you a snapshot of what would be ahead of you for any place in Colorado.

Team members: Sean Wittmeyer and Wojciech Magda

Datasets Used

Datasets on CIM:

Colorado Business Entities API

County Areas Collecting State Sales Tax in Colorado

City Tax Rates Without State Collected Tax in Colorado 

City Areas Collecting State Sales Tax in Colorado

Use Tax Rates for Districts in Colorado

Broadband Availability

Other Datasets:

Google Places API, Google Geocode API, Google Maps, Walkscore API, Transitscore API, Energy Incentives API, Energy Incentives API, DRCOG Traffic Counts shapefile, Nearest Intersection API, Electricity Rates and Provider, Reported Offenses Agency Statistics 2012


BizLink Colorado allows business owners to build their B2B network and show how they fit into the Colorado business community.

These connections help to build a business’s reputation and make it easier for established businesses to be found. It is also a tool for new and expanding businesses to source partners. Other sites like LinkedIn have created networks with person to person connections, and much of the internet is focused on B2C relationships such as consumer facing directories.

Team members: Tristan Rubadeau, Aaaron Renner, Shawn Meek, Cody Schaff & Natalie Carpenter

Other Datasets

Datasets on CIM:

Colorado Business Entities API

Other Datasets

Created Business Survey


LocalSage helps business owners determine the best location for their businesses.

The LocalSage process is unique and personal, making the complicated process of site selection easy and fun. Our app provides access to complex and powerful data without sacrificing usability or clarity.

Team members: Scooter Wadsworth, Spencer Norman, Chris Bachicha, Karen Dunne, Jeremy Folds, Mark Rantal, Kyle Tolle, Nick Volpe and Vern Volpe

Other Datasets

Datasets on CIM:

Census 1980-2010 API 

Population Projections

Broadband Availability

Colorado Business Entities API

Other Datasets:

Enterprise zones, Zoning, FCC Broadband API, FCC Census Block Conversions, other FCC APIs, Map of Public Higher Education Institutions