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Magpie Supply has developed a platform for small-scale farmers to search and identify farmers’ market prices and locations, helping them create more profit and combat the cost of food transportation.

The Magpie Supply team is made up of Daniel Ritchie, Emily Shirtz, Michael Melcher, Gavin Estenssoro, Keefer Caid-Loos, Ethan Lockshin, Matthias Bachmann, Marcus Reighter, Ellen Downing and Michael Scherer

Datasets Used

Datasets on CIM

Colorado Farmers Market Locations

Aquaculture Facilities in Colorado

Other Datasets

USDA Agriculture API for Farmers Markets


HUD Buddy has built an online, remote solution to perform noise analysis for highly regulated HUD residential developments, saving developers time and money.

The Hud Buddy team consists of Joshua Leasure, James Jannicelli, Michael Guerrie, Emily Shirtz and Paul Guerrie

Datasets Used

Highway Traffic Counts in Colorado for 2015

Local Roads in Colorado

Population Projections in Colorado

Highways in Colorado

Regional Traffic Counts


Drip created a platform that will streamline and structure water and environmental data that affects land value, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs for this important real estate factor.

Team members include Tim Haynie, Loren Anderson, James Cauley, David Cako, Vincent Zaballa and Lucas Schmidt

Datasets Used

Well Water Level in ColoradoWell Application Permits in ColoradoCalls History in ColoradoDWR Current Surface Water Conditions Map Statewide, Water Right Transactions in ColoradoAdministrative Structures for Water in ColoradoWell Geophysical Log in ColoradoFinal Permits for Water in ColoradoTimeline of Wells Constructed and depthAquaculture Facilities in ColoradoMinimum Stream Flows AppropriationsMinimum Stream Flows AcquisitionsWatershed Coalition Boundaries