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The hiring process is outdated. Hively saves you time and money by connecting talent to business culture.

Team, Talk Data To Me is made of Team Leader & Product Design: Dalton Patterson, Product Developer: Nathan Harris, Lead Presenter & PHP Developer: Zach Bowers, Presenter 2 & Business Innovation : John Franck, Graphic Designer: Breton Brander, & Motion Graphic Designer: Jeremy Wick.

Hively used data sets from a list of business entities, employment by industry, and occupational employment statistics.

Datasets Used

Datasets on CIM

Colorado Business Entities API

Professional Licenses API


Foodcaster – the business intelligence app for mobile food truck owners. Find nearby events, pedestrians, parking restrictions, easily locate hungry customers, increase profits and sell remaining inventory.

Foodcaster used state data sets about pedestrian foot traffic and cellular service data and combined this data with food truck parking regulations data, Google Maps, Twitter social data and Facebook events data.

Team members: Paige Crowley (pictured), John Gainfort (pictured), Jun Heider, & Anna.

Datasets Used

Datasets on CIM:

Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts for Colorado 

Cellular Performance Tests in Colorado 

Farmers Markets for 2014 

Greenprint Data Park and Open Spaces

Other Datasets:

Street Parking Regulations (meters, two hours, etc), Event Permits, Construction Permits, City and County of Denver Street Sweeping Schedule, Twitter API, walkscore API, facebook API, google places API, weather API

Visit the Data Portal Status Blog Foodcaster Post for more details about data use.


Utilizing Regulation Explorer web-based mapping platform allows development engineers, landmen, regulatory specialists, and company executives to address site specific regulatory matters at the earliest stage of project development.

Regulation Explorer drew from over sixteen publicly available data sets.

Team members: Emily Hueni, Danielle Leighton, Janel Guerrero, Sam Richard, Wojciech Magda, Kelly Wilson and Ronald Stites

Datasets Used

Datasets on CIM:

OGCC, Weld County data, Community Anchor InstitutionsParcelsRoadsParksCommunity Data, DRCOG datasets: ZoningPlanimetrics, Aerial Imagery, Nursing HomesAssisted Living Facilities

Other Datasets:

Google Places API

Visit the Data Portal Status Blog Regulation Explorer Post for more details about data use.