Announcing….Challenge Weekend Judges

Go Code Colorado digs deep into the business, entrepreneur, start up and tech communities to find highly-qualified and experienced competition judges for Challenge Weekend. When it comes to building useful insights and tools, these folks have been there and done that, with great success.

The judges volunteer their precious time because they believe in the valuable work Go Code participants do. They know what it means to be in your shoes. They know “mistake” is just another word for “opportunity to learn.” They also know what it means to succeed.

And, they believe strongly in Go Code Colorado’s mission—to put public data to good use and to encourage government agencies to continue making data public for the common good. Their commitment sends a strong signal to government agencies that open and accessible data is, indeed, important to Colorado businesses.

So, here it is, the stellar lineup of Challenge Weekend judges!

Colorado Springs

Chris Franz, Managing Director, Pioneer Fund
Chris founds, funds, and drives the creation of high-growth companies, primarily in high-tech and data-driven areas. With the leverage of technology and intelligence, he enjoys the ability to disrupt markets that haven’t moved in years. Chris is passionate about startups and how they drive the economy and the future. He is committed to supporting, mentoring and doing everything he can to help good startups become growing companies.

KiMar Gartman, CyberWorx Program Manager, U.S. Air Force Academy
KiMar serves as C-TRAC’s CyberWorx Program Manager. She facilitates C-TRAC’s role in bringing industry together with the Air Force to solve difficult problems using design thinking. She loves her job and the variety of work it affords her.

Michelle Parvinrouh, Director, Peak Startup
Michelle’s passion is in facilitating betterment in people, in society and in life. She is called to build, serve, support and empower. Utilizing her unique combination of engaging people skills, resourcefulness and focus, she brings a collaborative “make stuff happen” approach to her work.


James Capps, Chief Technology Officer, Trust Company of America and City Director, House of Genius, Denver
James is a Denver native with a passion for the technology ecosystem in Colorado. He is heavily engaged in various organizations and groups around the state specifically focused on making Denver THE technology hub for innovation and collaboration. As he likes to say, “Leadership is my passion, empowered teams my mission and business value the reward.”

Adam Hasemeyer, President, Spire Digital
Adam Hasemeyer is responsible for leading the acquisition and management of all client relationships at Spire Digital. Adam is recognized as a thought leader in the application development world. Business leaders look to him as a source of knowledge on new technological advancements and how they affect e-commerce. Adam is also an active community volunteer who enjoys all that Colorado life has to offer.

Kaakpema (KP) Yelpaala, CEO and Founder,
As a Founder and the Chief Executive Officer, KP drives the technology vision, global strategy and operations of, Inc, a Colorado-based business that offers enterprise software for high-growth frontier markets. KP has experience working with international businesses, nonprofits and startups.


Matt Brandt, Senior Test Engineer, Mozilla
According to Matt, “he is a software developer who wandered into test” and is currently “riding the wave of automation and exploratory testing in the Mozilla communities.” He is currently the test lead on several Mozilla projects.

Dr. Steve Elias, Dean, Business Administration, Fort Lewis College
Dr. Elias recently assumed his position as Dean at Fort Lewis College. Previously, he was a distinguished professor in the College of Business at New Mexico State University (NMSU). He also served as the NMSU director of the Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership program, interim associate dean for Research, and head of the Management Department. Dr. Elias was also co-director of the School Turnaround Development Program, an interdisciplinary initiative between the NMSU Colleges of Business and Education.

Natambu Obleton, Director of Network Engineering and Operations, FastTrack Communications, Inc.
Natambu currently concentrates on FastTrack’s IP, voice and data transport network in Colorado and New Mexico. He helps to define telecom technological strategy and drives innovation across the company. He works regularly with customers, contractors and vendors to provide project definition and system integration for a variety of telecommunications infrastructure jobs.

Fort Collins

Wojciech Magda, Senior Software Developer, Apostrophe
In addition to being a past Go Code Colorado finalist, Wojciech is a computer engineer with diverse interests, from VLSI design and cloud computing to high-tech startups. As a computer engineer, he’s been exposed to most aspects of VLSI design over the past 14 years. He has also worked in logic circuit design, data-path layout, post silicon debug, complex block synthesis, pre-silicon validation, test content development, checker and test-bench development, and SoC integration.

Toni Rosati, Lead UX Researcher, Gloo
Toni helps companies understand their users so they can create both engaging products and delighted customers. She is most passionate about products and companies that value collaboration and inclusion. Major bonus points if a company or product has anything to do with open data, mentoring/teaching or making yummy food! As a business owner and product manager, she has more than 10 years of experience developing B2C and B2B products from inception to profit.

Scott Shrake, Director, Institute for Entrepreneurship, Colorado State University College of Business
Scott is a motivated and creative engineering director with a proven track record of developing, leading and growing innovative programs that have substantial impacts on stakeholders, students and communities. He has experience managing multidisciplinary teams on projects at the forefront of entrepreneurship and education, enjoys presenting, public speaking and effectively expressing and relating concepts to a variety of audiences. Scott is well versed in the entrepreneurial mindset, human-centered design, social entrepreneurship, social innovation and systems thinking. Or, as he likes to say, he’s, “committed to making a dent in the universe.”

Grand Junction

Andrew Golike, Plant Manager, CoorsTek
Andrew has managed multiple sites for CoorsTek, a technical ceramics manufacturer, and worked in global business development and operations. Through his work, he has developed a deep understanding of the issues of business operations in many different products and operating environments.

Shawn Gardner, Director of ENGAGE, Technical College of the Rockies
Shawn is an entrepreneurial, MBA-educated catalyst for transformation. He is results-driven, inter-culturally intelligent and a servant-leader. A skilled trainer and performance manager, he has experience with consulting, supervising and initiating solutions to accomplish goals with creativity, flexibility, tenacity and joy. Among his many specialties, Shawn is interested in networking constituents in a reciprocal business or social mission, connecting with a multitude of diverse audiences and working among impoverished, oppressed, neglected or under-served communities.

Landon Balding, President and CEO, Monumental Events
Landon’s company is a performance and event company in Grand Junction, Colorado. They specialize in the marketing and management of fairs, festivals, concerts and sporting events. Their motto: Encouraging and strengthening community through events.

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