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Find answers to your general questions about the Go Code Colorado competition, which challenges multidisciplinary teams to turn public data into useful business insights, analyses and tools. If your questions aren’t answered here, please visit our Competition FAQs page.

Why are you doing this?

There has never been a better time to use open data to solve business challenges. And, governments collect and manage more public data than any other entity. Go Code Colorado focuses on our responsibility to make free public data from the Colorado’s open data platform accessible and useful for the business community. We encourage multidisciplinary teams to use that public data to create business insights and tools that help business decision-makers. Go Code Colorado positions our state to take a lead in the open-data movement by recognizing our role in making public data accessible and available. At Go Code, we recognize that all open data isn’t public data, but all public data is open data. The competition demonstrates how public data can be utilized in innovative ways. It also encourages valuable private-sector feedback to state data providers to improve data quality.

Is it working?

Yes. Learn about the Recognitions Go Code Colorado has received, and read about our program metrics in our annual reports.


Who pays for it?

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office organizes the Go Code Colorado competition that challenges multidisciplinary teams to turn public data into useful business insights and tools. The competition is funded by revenue from business registrations and returns value to Colorado businesses.

What does it cost to particpate?

All events are free.

Who participates?

Go Code Colorado occupies a unique place in the Colorado tech entrepreneurial ecosystem and relies on the help of all kinds of stakeholders. There are several ways to get involved.

  • As a team member. Teams of entrepreneurs, data analysts and scientists, software developers, designers, business and marketing professionals, big thinkers and general doers come together to compete in Go Code Colorado, which begins with a Kick-off in February of each year, followed in April by simultaneous Challenge Weekend events in five cities across the state. Two finalist teams are chosen from each Challenge Weekend location to participate in an immersive Mentor Weekend. The finalists then present their insights and tools to a jury at a Final Competition Event in June. Three teams are chosen as the winners of Go Code Colorado.
  • As a mentor. The competing teams need guidance to make their business insights and tools, such as mobile and web-based apps, data visualizations, websites and other digital tools successful. If you’ve launched a tech startup, worked in app development, know how to position a new product or business in the marketplace, love data or are an open data activist, please send an email to Go Code organizer, Heather Stafford. You’ll help more than just the teams—you’ll also help Colorado businesses.
  • As a sponsor. Financial contributions help build stronger events such as Challenge Day, increase engagement with communities across Colorado, and support the overall success of all the competing teams. All contributions to Go Code Colorado go directly to supporting Go Code Colorado events statewide. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please send an email to Go Code organizer, Heather Stafford.
  • As a volunteer. Go Code Colorado needs the talents and skills of all kinds of people. If you have some time and want to rub elbows with a fun and vibrant community (plus enjoy free beer and food), please send an email to Go Code organizer, Heather Stafford.


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If you have additional questions, please send an email to Go Code organizers.

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