Photo of three women at a table with microphones and documents in front of them as they judge Go Code Colorado teams at the Final Competition Event.

Go Code Colorado is an annual competition that challenges multidisciplinary teams to turn public data into useful business insights, analyses and tools. Go Code Colorado is the first and only statewide effort of its kind. Since its inception in 2014, hundreds of software developers, data scientists, designers, business and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, big thinkers and general doers have competed in Go Code Colorado.



There has never been a better time to use open data to solve business challenges. Governments collect and manage more public data than any other entity. Go Code Colorado focuses on our responsibility to make free public data from the Colorado’s open data platform accessible and useful for the business community. We encourage multidisciplinary teams to use that public data to create business insights, analyses and tools that help business decision-makers. Go Code Colorado positions our state to take a lead in the open-data movement by recognizing our role in making public data accessible and available. At Go Code, we recognize that all open data isn’t public data, but all public data is open data. The Go Code Colorado competition demonstrates how public data can be used in innovative ways. It also encourages valuable private-sector feedback to state data providers, thus improving data quality.


Past go code colorado Winners

Go Code Colorado’s past winners are examples of what smart, creative people with different perspectives can do with public data. Each team built useful tools or solutions to help meet the challenges of business decision-makers. Some of our winning teams have:

  • Automated the process of noise analysis for new Housing and Urban Development (HUD) residential developments using state data on highway noise levels, potentially reducing costs to developers by thousands of dollars. HUD Buddy
  • Created a web-based mapping platform to allow development engineers, landmen, regulatory specialists and company executives address site-specific regulatory concerns to decide where to drill (and where not to) in early stages. Regulation Explorer
  • Created a platform that uses historical crop pricing data and farmers market locations to help farmers identify new sales and distribution opportunities. Magpie Supply 
  • Created a platform that streamlines research on water rights use and improves the ability of real estate purchasers to quickly understand water rights and the impact on potential real estate value. Drip
  • Created a tool to allow food truck vendors to find the best possible locations to park and sell, using foot traffic, cell-phone coverage maps and event data to find hungry customers. Foodcaster

Learn more about previous Go Code Colorado competitions.


How it works

The 2019 Go Code Colorado competition begins with a February Kick-Off event in both Denver and Grand Junction, followed a month later by Challenge Day events held in those same locations. At Challenge Day, team insights, analyses and tools are workshopped with mentors, data tech teams and peers.

A little over two weeks later teams will submit materials for the Semi-Final Submission judging and three finalists from each track, from each region will be selected to continue working towards submitting their project for the Final Awards Event. After Semi-Final Judging and before Final Submissions are due teams will have access to thirty-minute, in person mentoring sessions in their regions.

The finalist teams then present their business insights, analyses, visualizations and tools at a Final Awards Event in May in Denver, where two winners from each track are selected. By the Final Awards Event, teams need a minimum viable product or deep dive on analysis.

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