A Big Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Go Code Colorado simply wouldn’t be possible without our generous sponsors. They provide essential in-kind support to set the competitors up for success. They also send a strong message to the government agencies that provide open and accessible data for the competition that Go Code Colorado and all the hard work the participants do is important to Colorado businesses.

For our fifth competition, sponsors are stepping up to ensure our events and teams are set up for success. Sponsors provide venues, food and beverages to make the 2018 Kick-off, Challenge Weekend and Final Competition Event a success. Sponsors also provide tech and business resources and mentorship to support all the teams at Challenge Weekend and the finalist teams as they move through Mentor Weekend and on to the Final Competition Event.

Great Divide Brewing Company provided the venue for the 2018 Kick-off and has continuously ensured Go Code organizers and participants have a can of something frosty and delicious to cheer with when it’s time to celebrate.

RealEyes is providing livestream services at the Kick-off, during Challenge Weekend and for the Final Competition Event.

Epicentral Coworking gave Go Code a home in Colorado Springs for Challenge Weekend.

The University of Denver Project X-ite offered up comfy and productive digs at the Daniels College of Business for Denver Challenge Weekend.

R Space at the Rochester and the Durango Arts Center hosted Durango Challenge Weekend participants.

Innosphere in Fort Collins hosted a road show event and Challenge Weekend.

And, Factory again provided a Challenge Weekend home to participants in Grand Junction.

Davis, Graham & Stubbs is providing legal mentorship to participating teams at Challenge Weekend and Mentor Weekend.

GitHub provides an account for each Go Code Colorado team, all of which are required to push their code to GitHub using the GoCodeColorado organization account. They also continue to host projects from teams in prior competitions to provide some ideas for how to use public data for business insights.

Name.com provides easy and free domain name registration and three months of free website hosting.

Socrata is the SaaS hosting provider for the Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM) and provides access to the Socrata Open Data API (SODA) and the Socrata GitHub Site, as well as technical support to Go Code Colorado competitors.

Twitter provides competing teams with resources to integrate Twitter data into insights and ideas. They offer a couple of different APIs, Twitter Analytics and tons of resources. They also host a class to kick off Mentor Weekend on handling big data, the “data firehose” and ways public and private data can come together to create insights.

Waffle.io provides pre-populated GitHub Issue cards to help guide teams through the steps to build their useful product. The cards take them through a mashup of lean project management and startup with design thinking activities to help them move from idea, to prototype, to a winning solution. Waffle.io also offers in-person support to teams during the competition.

Carto supports the teams with great documentation and resources on how to geospatially integrate data to create instantaneous access to location intelligence.

The following sponsors are also hosting and offering important mentorship to the finalist teams during Mentor Weekend: Boomtown Accelerator, CA Technologies, Google, House of Genius and Twitter.

Many thanks again to our incredible sponsors—Go Code Colorado wouldn’t happen without you!

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