Colorado’s Public Data Competition, brought to you by the Business Intelligence Center

Business Opportunities Challenge
FALL 2020
Business Solutions Challenge

Use data. Create Insights. Grow Business.

Business Opportunities Challenge

A NEW Challenge for 2020 focused on generating actionable ideas valuable to business decision-makers throughout Colorado by identifying issues faced by them that can be addressed, in part or whole, by using public data.

Business Solutions Challenge

This Challenge (similar to historical Go Code Colorado) is all about developing insights and solutions that address key Colorado business issues. Teams compete to integrate Colorado’s public data into tools and analytics useful for business decision-makers in Colorado. Competitors can compete in either Analytics or Application tracks for cash awards.


Karl Castleton
Associate Professor of Computer Science at Colorado Mesa University

"Go Code Colorado is an opportunity to grow the tech industry on the Western Slope and provide young technologists opportunity to show off their skills. That is good for them and good for our community."

Toni Rosati
UX Career Coach/Experience Researcher, and Career Coach at

"Go Code Colorado is the ultimate even playing field for participants to level up their analysis, software, pitching, and teamwork skills. When everyone is truly welcome and celebrated, amazing outcomes are possible. The hands-on experience every team gets when they participate guarantees an eye-opening experience about the possibilities, both dangers, and opportunities, with big data, open data, shared data, aggregation, and data protection."

Tim Campbell
OpenData Administrator at City of Fort Collins

"I have really enjoyed working with Go Code Colorado... [it] provides a fun way for the public to engage in government open data, and has helped the City of Fort Collins better serve our community by connecting us with local groups that want to use our data as well as resources for releasing higher-quality data. This competition benefits so many communities like ours and I'm excited to see what the future holds."

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