Go Code Colorado 2019

Go Code Colorado is a competition that challenges multidisciplinary teams to turn public data into useful business insights, analyses and tools. Since 2014, hundreds of developers, designers, business and marketing professionals, analysts,
entrepreneurs and other big thinkers have participated in Go Code Colorado. We’ve enjoyed the support of dozens of private sector partners, as well as the many state agencies that provide the public data used in the competition.This year Go Code Colorado is switching things up, providing two tracks; our traditional format, Business Product Track and our new Business Analytics Track. Check out the graphic below for our timeline this year!

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Whether you are a developer, data scientist, designer, business or marketing professional, entrepreneur, big thinker or general doer, Go Code Colorado needs you! Competing to build successful business insights and tools with public data requires all kinds of skills and perspectives. Think you don't have a role on a successful team? Think again and learn more about how you might fit in.

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All kinds of businesses—energy, craft beer, healthcare, hospitality, tech—stand to benefit from Go Code Colorado by providing sponsorship, business and technical expertise, and volunteers to make this stellar competition a success.

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Apr 2 2019

ENJOYING THE JOURNEY: How to Stay Motivated & Focused Mid-Project

  There is a certain exhilaration at the beginning of any project or endeavor. The start of a Go Code Colorado project is a leap into the unknown, with the thrill of new beginnings, new friends, and jumping into a creative process with other super smart people. These are all ingredients for a very good […]

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Mar 18 2019

Meet the Data Team!

Meet the Go Code Colorado Data and Tech Team!   Margaret Spyker, Project Manager, Xenity – I am a project manager and Sr. Spatial Data Analyst for the data and tech team of Go Code Colorado, run from the Business Intelligence Center at the CO Secretary of State’s office. Each year I work with state […]

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Mar 1 2019

MVP = embarrassing

  “So, we need this feature to work, and it has to tie into this API, and we should put it all on the blockchain.” “What about feature X? And we need admin screens, and roles and groups for different kinds of users.” “You’re right! Let’s add those to the list. We need to make […]

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