Mentor Weekend (Finalist Event)

Rally Software
3333 Walnut St
Boulder, CO 80301

24 Apr
6:00 PM

The teams that moved on from the regional Challenge Weekend events will have an opportunity to work with many of the amazing leaders in technology, entrepreneurship, government, and more in this hands-on session April 24 -26, 2015 in Boulder, CO at Rally. Finalists from all over the state will be awarded travel to Boulder.

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Code Review (Finalist Event)

Online Submissions

17 May
9:00 AM

The code from our ten regional finalists is due to the judges, who will determine if the code is solid, workable, and if the teams are on their way to launching their apps.

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Final Competition

Denver, CO

21 May
6:00 PM

Come hear the finalists pitch their apps before a panel of  judges on May 21, 2015. Celebrate the winners and the fact that our local tech community created some great apps for Colorado. Dinner, drinks and a local band will be part of the festivities as we celebrate our 10 finalists. 

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