Durango Team Wins Second Place in Go Code Colorado Challenge

On May 9th, Colorado announced the inaugural winners of the Go Code challenge.

Taking home second place and a $15,000 contract with the state was Durango start-up BizLink Colorado.

“BizLink Colorado allows business owners to build their B2B network and show how they fit into the Colorado business community. These connections help to build a business’s reputation and make it easier for established businesses to be found. It is also a tool for new and expanding businesses to source partners. Other sites like LinkedIn have created networks with person to person connections, and much of the internet is focused on B2C relationships such as consumer facing directories. We are the first site we’ve found to build B2B connections.”


Local Durango residents Tristan Rubadeau, Aaaron Renner, Shawn Meek, Cody Schaff and Natalie Carpenter are the entrepreneurs behind BizLink. The team has strong roots in Durango, attending and teaching at Fort Lewis college and co-founding and teaching at the Durango Ruby School, a local organization whose mission is to build the software development community in Southwest Colorado.

“I know everyone involved in the Go Code challenge couldn’t help but be impressed by the innovation and dedication by each these teams,” Secretary of State Scott Gessler said. “I’m excited to see how the winning teams’ products improve our business climate while the other teams’ businesses thrive through the vast openness of our public data.”

Go Code Colorado is the first competition of its kind in the United States that uses public data to build business tools and grow commerce. The challenge began March 19 in five locations, including DurangoSpace in downtown Durango.  Over 6 weeks teams of innovators developed software applications aimed at benefitting Colorado’s business environment. The winning teams will have their products publicly available.

“BizLink represents what many of us know to be true about Durango,” said Roger Zalneraitis, Executive Director at La Plata Economic Development Alliance. “When it comes to innovation and tech skill, balancing life and work can create the best talent. We’re so proud of the BizLink team.”

First place went to a Fort Collins start-up Beagle. A Colorado Springs company Local Sage took home third place and a $10,000 contract.

About Go Code Colorado
Go Code Colorado is an apps challenge designed to make public data more accessible and user-friendly. Teams of developers and entrepreneurs across the state will compete to solve business problems and grow our economy, by building apps that will help Colorado companies thrive. Build apps. Build business. Build Colorado.

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