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Colorado Information Marketplace

Colorado’s open data portal is called the Colorado Information Marketplace (or CIM). Based on the Socrata platform, it provides a dataset catalog, dataset repository, an API and several tools for exploring and visualizing data.

All of the data we collect is aggregated, reviewed and reformatted (if necessary) to make it as easy to work with as possible before being housed on the Colorado Information Marketplace.

For data collected and formatted specifically by Go Code Colorado, click here or on the image below.

The Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM) Portal is one of several data resources available to Go Code Colorado participants.

Additional Data Portals

Additionally, datasets will also be available at OpenColorado, which provides access to crime, financial, health, population, transportation, and GIS data from Arvada, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, DRCOG, and other jurisdictions.

Data is also available on Colorado Data Engine. Public data for the public good.

Scroll down or click here to learn more about the Go Code Colorado datasets on the Colorado Information Marketplace.

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Have questions about data sets? Check our FAQs, email us, or contact the Governor’s Office of Information Technology.

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Data resources from our Partners

At Go Code Colorado, we’re partnering with as many Colorado agencies as we can, so teams can use public data to create apps that address real-world problems.

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In support of Go Code Colorado, several State agencies have agreed to share datasets and have them published to the Colorado’s open data portal:

  • Secretary of State’s Office
  • Department of Higher Education
  • Department of Local Affairs
  • Department of Labor and Employment / Labor Market Information
  • Department of Regulatory Affairs
  • Department of Revenue

We have approached and are working with other Colorado state agencies as well.

Check back often because we’re actively adding partnering agencies and data sets.

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