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This information is provided for reference only. Please navigate to the current Data and Tech Resources page for updates on 2017 resources.

Technical Resources from Go Code Colorado Partners

Several of our partners are providing additional technical resources, for free, for your use during the challenge. Some are also providing people — mentors and developer evangelists. Some are providing access to their API’s, cloud platforms, or other hosting services. Lastly, some technical resources are available to you from non-sponsoring third parties.

This “booklet” is a guide for using these technical resources.

There are 15 of these in-kind technical resources available to you.





Other Available API’s



Deep-learning powered natural language processing and image recognition APIs. Extract meaning from your unstructured data in real time.

The AlchemyAPI SaaS features:

  • REST API endpoints
  • SDKs in all major programming languages
  • Response meta-data in a variety of formats (XML, JSON)

AlchemyAPI is providing:

  • Free access to the AlchemyAPI to all Challenge Weekend attendees
  • Free access to the AlchemyAPI to all 10 finalists for the six weeks following Challenge Weekend
  • Discounted access to the paid version of AlchemyAPI to the three winning teams of Go Code Colorado 2015.
  • Mentors at Challenge Weekend (Fort Collins) and Mentor Weekend.

How to Get/Use AlchemyAPI:

  • An API key will be provided for all Challenge Weekend participants. APIs can be accessed with HTTP requests directly (see documentation for endpoints), or SDKs are available for all major programming languages.
  • See the Data/Tech Organizer at your location to request the API key.

Additional Info Resources:


Context.IO (ReturnPath)

Context.IO takes the pain out of syncing email data with your app so you can focus on what makes your product great.

Context.IO features:

  • Webhooks – Get rule-based notifications pushed to your app.
  • API Explorer – Easily test API calls using our API Explorer console app.
  • Connect token flow – Let your users quickly grant email access to your product.
  • Message fetching – Query messages by contact, folder, dates, subject. Get the parsed body and headers.
  • Client Software Libraries – Ruby, Python, iOS, Node.js, or PHP

Context.IO is providing:

Free access to their RESTful 2.0 API and Lite API including:

  • Unlimited API calls
  • Unlimited Users
  • Premium API calls
  • Mentors at Challenge Weekend and Mentor Weekend events

How to Get/Use it:


Mercury Payment Systems

Award-winning merchant services for payment processing.

Mercury Payment Systems is providing:

A GitHub project for GoCode Colorado to give you a kick-start on integrating Mercury APIs if you want to add payment processing to your product.

  • Our HostedCheckout API supports eCommerce sites,
  • MobileWallets lets you process transactions using PayPal Mobile In-Store checkin,
  • our REST API is a transmission mechanism for those of you who are familiar with REST-based API access, and
  • our SOAP API is similar to REST but uses a SoapEnvelope to send to our endpoint.
  • REST and SOAP both provide access to all of our transaction types including Credit, Debit, Gift, EBT and more.

How to Get/Use It:

Learn more by going to our site: https://github.com/MercuryPay/GoCodeCo2015.

Mercury integration guides are typically only provided after an NDA is signed but there will be enough information on the github site to get people started and then if anyone requires more information Mercury will provide personal assistance on-site and/or provide our full integration guide on a case by case basis.



Build. Store. Analyze. On the same infrastructure that powers Google.

Google is providing:

  • $500 in Google Cloud Platform credit to launch your idea!

How to Get/Use it:



Easily send and receive emails from your application using SendGrid’s API. SendGrid is the leader in email delivery. Our cloud-based email solution replaces your email infrastructure so you don’t have to build, scale and maintain these systems in-house.

SendGrid Features:

  • Reliable Delivery – send fewer emails to the junk folder
  • Scalability – SendGrid can dynamically adjust as your volume changes to maintain server capacity
  • Real Time Analytics – evaluate email and campaign performance
  • Flexible APIs – create custom features for your needs

SendGrid is Providing:

  • API Access
  • Mentorship at Challenge Weekend and Mentor Weekend events

How to Get/Use it:

Additional Resources:

  • Check out sendgrid.com/docs. You might want to take a look at the code examples and API libraries. Also check out the Inbound Parse Webhook if you want to process incoming emails in your code.
  • Email community@sendgrid.com if you have any questions or need additional email credits.
  • Contact Tony Black on our #SendGrid Slack channel



Build software better, together. Powerful collaboration, code review, and code management for open source and private projects.

GitHub is providing:

  • An Organization account named GoCodeColorado
  • All teams will need to push their code to GitHub using the GoCodeColorado organization account

How to Get/Use It:

  • https://github.com/GoCodeColorado
  • When your team leader gives the team name and lead email address for your team in Screendoor, your team will receive an invitation to join the Go Code Colorado organization on GitHub.
  • Push code up to GitHub.
  • No one will see your code besides Go Code Colorado



Your website awaits…

Name.com is providing:

  • Three 1-year hosting plans for three winners,
  • Seven 90-day hosting plans for second-tier winners,
  • 25 1-month hosting plans for Challenge participants
  • domain names for 200 competitors

The web addresses are the .ROCKS domain names. They are relatively new and should offer more availability. Once you get your domain name it’s easy to attach hosting to it.

How to Get/Use It:

  • Start an account at name.com. From there you can use your promo code to purchase your free domain name and your hosting as well.

Additional Info Resources: If you need any assistance you can email support@name.com or call 720 684 5872.



Open Data Solutions for Data Transparency

Socrata is providing:

  • The SaaS hosting provider for CIM, the Colorado Information Marketplace at http://data.colorado.gov
  • Access to the the Socrata Open Data API (SODA) http://dev.socrata.com/
  • Access to the Socrata GitHub Site (see How to Get/Use It)
  • Mentorship at Challenge Weekend (Denver)

How to Get/Use It:



High Resolution Satellite Imagery from the DigitalGlobe Basemap via DigitalGlobe Cloud Services (DGCS).


  • Multiple OGC-standard web services including WMS, WFS, WMTS, and WCS for accessing, viewing and downloading DigitalGlobe high-resolution satellite imagery

DigitalGlobe is providing:

  • Free access to DigitalGlobe Basemap API for all Challenge Weekend participants
  • Free access to the ImageConnect plug-in for accessing DigitalGlobe web services via ArcGIS
  • Free API access for the 10 finalist teams

How to Get and Use It:

  • See the Data/Tech organizer at your location to request an account and credentials.
  • Login to the MyDigitalGlobe web portal at: https://services.digitalglobe.com/myDigitalGlobe/login
  • Username: Go Code Colorado / Password: MyDG1!
  • Integrate with and access the web services through our My DigitalGlobe online portal and/or the ArcGIS plug-in ImageConnect

Additional Info Resources:

  • All user guides, developer guides, quick start guides can be found here: www.digitalglobe.com/connectonline
  • You are welcome to click on the link provided below to view a short video titled “What is My DigitalGlobe?” The video provides a brief introduction / overview to the My DigitalGlobe site: http://youtu.be/p8cJSACkSA4
  • For ImageConnect your Connect ID is: b13ac5a7-834c-49da-b6d7-5db97fb75871, this is the only credential you will need to access services via ArcGIS through the extension, username and password is not necessary. Please visit http://www.digitalglobe.com/connectonline for links to download our ImageConnect extension for ArcGIS, End User License Agreement, Trial Account Conditions, Terms of Use Agreement, service developer guides, and instructions for using DGCS in supported programs. For more information on ImageConnect please visit: http://youtu.be/VWMNyLBlSmw
  • If you would like to connect to DGCS through an OGC compliant software, login to MyDG and select the ‘Use With’ tab in the upper left portion of the display. Within, the Web Services pop-up contains the necessary links used to incorporate the various services as desired. Also, MyDG user guides are available from the Profile link in the upper right portion of the display.
  • DigitalGlobe Technical Support / cloudservices@digitalglobe.com / 800.496.1225



GitPrime is Engineering Intelligence that powers technology leadership with deep insight to reduce risk, optimize delivery & know the answer to hard questions before they ask. By leveraging the data deeply embedded in your hosted Git repositories, GitPrime can provide timely and accurate answers to technology leaderships most difficult questions, such as: Are we getting things done? Where are we falling down? What can we do better?


  • Work Segmentation – See where your team is spending their time. Is it new code? Refactoring? Helping Others?
  • Risk & Review – Track the big and hairy parts of your codebase so you know which parts to prioritize for code review
  • Codebase Touchpoints – See files and diffs across multiple repos and dive deep with reports based on teams, features, or engineers

GitPrime is providing:

  • Free access to the GitPrime platform to help you sleep better knowing your team is on task, on target and cranking code
  • Mentorship at Go Code Colorado events

How to Get Going:

  • Sign up at http://gitprime.com/gocode-colorado
  • If you have questions or want to talk more about Engineering Intelligence, drop me a line at travis@gitprime.com



Making Sales Tax Less Taxing


  • Get itemized and total sales and use tax based on zip code or address.

Avalara is providing:

  • A free-level version of their location-based sales and use tax calculator API

How to Get/Use It:


CDOT COTrip.org

COTrip.org has a real-time travel data feed provided by Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), a division of CDOT, for data including Road Conditions, Speeds, Travel Times, etc.

The XML data feed specifically provides:

Speed For All Roads Current speeds on segments of roads
Destinations Travel Time data for some of the major destination routes
Road Conditions Latest Reported road conditions on many Colorado roads
Alerts Current Travel Alerts like Closures, Restrictions, Roadwork and Amber Alerts
Cameras Latest photo from the still cameras
Message Signs Latest content from the overhead message boards
Weather Stations Latest photo and weather data from the weather stations
Speed Segment Polylines Static spatial polyline features for road segments.
Speed Route Polylines Static spatial polyline features for routes.
Weather Route Polylines Static spatial polyline features for weather routes.

CDOT COTrip.org is providing:

  • Free access to their real-time XML data feed

How to Get/Use It:

XML feeds can be found at the following urls:

  • Speed – https://data.cotrip.org/xml/speed_segments.xml
  • Destinations – https://data.cotrip.org/xml/speed_routes.xml
  • Road Conditions – https://data.cotrip.org/xml/road_conditions.xml
  • Alerts – https://data.cotrip.org/xml/alerts.xml
  • Cameras – https://data.cotrip.org/xml/cameras.xml
  • Dms – https://data.cotrip.org/xml/dms.xml
  • Weather Stations – https://data.cotrip.org/xml/weatherstation.xml
  • Speed Route Polylines – https://data.cotrip.org/xml/polyline_route.xml
  • Speed Segment Polylines – https://data.cotrip.org/xml/polyline_segment.xml
  • Weather Route Polylines – https://data.cotrip.org/xml/polyline_weatherroute.xml


colo_biz gem

The colo_biz gem is a Ruby gem that lets you search the Colorado Business Entities Dataset in CIM by passing arguments to methods which translate your search term(s) into a query. Each search method returns an array of objects with everything that was returned for each business entity as attributes.

How to Get/Use It:

Other Info Resources:

  • The read me also outlines both how to use a custom query method which still returns objects with attributes instead of a hash.
  • The github page has useful examples of how to make some SODA2 queries and how to string those queries together, which can be used for accessing other datasets on CIM.



The Colorado State Demography Office in Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) has created an API for Census and American Community Survey (ACS) data.


  • Query all Census data for the nation for 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010
  • QueryACS data for 2008-2012 and 2009-2013.

How to Get/Use It:

  • Go to their GitHub project to get all the info you need: DOLA Census API

Other Info Resources:



To put it most simply, Hookify service listens for events, and does things for you when those events occur.

Hookify.io is Providing:

  • Free, unrestricted access to their platform for Go Code Colorado participating teams.

How to Get/Use It:

  • Go to hookify.io to register

Other Info Resources:

  • support.hookify.io
  • Recommend the “Using Hookify Expressions” as the most useful functional document for developers.

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