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Go Code Colorado is all about public government data.

There’s a lot of public government data out there—data that could be useful to business decision-makers if they could get access to it. Much of this public data is locked away in legacy systems or scattered across disparate websites. Business leaders often don’t know where to find data that could help them make more informed decisions, or the data is available but in difficult-to-use formats. Even when the data is accessible, users often lack the tools to combine and analyze it in ways that can unlock real value.

Go Code Colorado brings as much public government data as possible together in one place, and presents it in a format that’s easy to use. This work requires an intimate knowledge of state government operations—that’s what we bring to the table. Then we ask entrepreneurs and software developers to prove the value of the data by building innovative solutions that help solve business challenges. And that leaves all of us with better access to public data and a better, more vibrant Colorado.

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