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Whether you are a developer, designer, marketer, thinker, entrepreneur or a general doer, it doesn’t matter — Colorado needs you! Building successful, sustainable apps with public data that local businesses can actually use will require all kinds of folks helping. This is hands-on economic development.

Your B2B apps will help your local community and support businesses throughout Colorado. And while we cannot guarantee your everlasting fame and success, you’ll also have a chance to earn awards.

Develop apps, drive change, have fun, and collaborate with Colorado’s best and brightest.

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Data by the People, for the People.

The state of Colorado collects mountains of valuable data — demographic, business, educational statistics and much more. Unfortunately, a large percentage of that data is in hard-to-find places and in a variety formats making it difficult (or extremely expensive) for businesses to use.

At Go Code Colorado, we’re changing all that. By creating a centralized portal with aggregated data from agencies across Colorado, you’ll have access to all kinds of public data at your fingertips.

How you use the data to help Colorado is up to you – it’s your resource. Claim it.

Your data, put to work for your economy.

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Build Apps + Business + Colorado.

While Go Code Colorado is made up of five events, the cornerstone event for your team is the Challenge Weekend; it is similar to a three-day hackathon or civic apps challenge but so much more.

1505474_617948021618940_1335771369_nYour team will review four different challenges that were submitted from Colorado businesses, brainstorm possible solutions using public data and build apps to address those problems.

To learn more and give your team building a head start, consider attending our Kick-Off Event to start networking with other like minded folks and key industry players.

Challenge Weekends will be held in five regions across the state – Colorado Springs, Denver, Durango, Fort Collins and Grand Junction.

Attend the one that’s most convenient for you.

challenge_weekend_map_2015You don’t need to have your team figured out or your development idea locked down just yet. You’ll be able to figure out who you want to work with by building your own team or joining another, and what you’d like to build during the challenge itself.

We’ve created a #findateam channel on the Go Code Colorado Slack community so you can network and partner up throughout the challenge.

Food and drinks are provided, so all you need to bring is your laptop or tablet, an idea and a willingness to go big or go home.

Collaborate. Code. Compete.

Should your team’s app be selected as one of two best apps from your local region, then your team will move on to the finals. All ten finalists will have:

Access to industry leaders

Universiry of Colorado Boulder Campus

You’ll be supported by great mentors and judges – both well-respected Coloradans and big kahunas in the tech industry – giving you and your app exposure to the state’s movers and shakers.

Who knows, you may just score your next big gig, or a potential investment from one of these guys!

Healthy competition and regional pride

durango space

Not only will you compete against the best and brightest from the Colorado tech community, but you’ll also use lots of public data that was previously difficult to access or expensive to aggregate, and garner attention for the innovations coming out of your hometown.

Plus you’ll help build a healthier, stronger Colorado economy. Invest in your future career and the future of Colorado by supporting Go Code Colorado.

A chance to earn awards

Beagle Score, 2014 first place winners from Fort Collins.

All Challenge Weekend participants will receive $500 in Google Cloud Platform credits, in addition to API access to Digital Globe. Stay tuned over the next 2 months as we are continuously adding partnerships with top tech companies.

The three finalist apps judged to be the best will take home $25,000 each (!!!) in incentives, including cash awards, in-kind offers, investor connections to both angel investors and VCs, and bragging rights.

Plus as one of the three winners, you can gain immediate traction and build a business around your new app by signing on the Colorado Secretary of State as your first customer.

We’ll also provide a stipend cover all finalists’ travel expenses to Denver for Mentor Weekend and the Final Competition at our closing event.

Develop apps to drive change.

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Key Events


Kickoff 2018

February 7, 2018 @ 6:00 PM

Challenge Weekend

April 13-15, 2018

Mentor Weekend

April 27-29, 2018

Final Event

June 7. 2018 @ 6:00 PM

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