Challenge Statement 2017

What’s the 2017 Go Code Colorado Challenge Statement?

The Go Code Colorado Challenge Statement for 2017: Build an app that uses public data to solve a problem for a business decision-maker.


That’s it? How do I know what to build?

In the past, we’ve put forward more specific challenges. We worked to find problems that business decision-makers face and presented them to you with specific instructions. Last year, we made the challenge broader, but still had a theme. This year we wanted to open the challenge to a wider range of possibilities and increase the interaction between you—Go Code Colorado participants—and the broader Colorado business community. So we’ve created a platform for business decision-makers to share their ideas. You can find it online. We’ll be working to spread the word about the platform and get ideas submitted from now through April, so check back often.

You don’t have to use an idea from the challenge platform. If you have already identified a problem you can solve for a business decision-maker by using public data, go for it. Or the ideas on the platform can serve as inspiration for an idea that may evolve into something else.

Just remember that potential impact is part of the judging criteria, so no matter where your idea comes from, you’ll need to be sure you think through who your customers (business decision-makers) will be and how you will get them using your app.


What else is different this year?

We simplified the judging criteria and changed the weighting a bit. We placed the highest weighting on “Use of Data Sources.”  By its nature, public data is available to all. We want to see your creativity and ingenuity in how you can combine and analyze that data to turn it into business insights. To assist the judges at the Final Competition, we’ve added an objective formula to evaluate your use of data. Just like the code review, this will be conducted prior to the final event and provided to the judges for use in scoring your team’s entry.

Of course, you’ll want to read through all the criteria carefully. Just like last year, we will provide you with materials and guidance on what to include in your presentation in order to set your team up for success. But start with the end in mind and make sure your idea and the application you are building hits on all the points from the criteria and accompanying evaluation formulas.


Am I limited to using public data only?

No. You can use private data in addition to public data. In fact, as you’ll see in the data evaluation formula, we place value on combining and connecting datasets. You can use public data from sources other than the Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM). But you must use at least one dataset from CIM. Be ready to provide detail about all the data sources you are using and where they come from.


Last year, the challenge asked teams to use public data to help businesses build a competitive strategy. Some of the content we put together around that challenge may still be helpful to you this year.

Key Events


Kickoff 2017

February 01, 2017 @ 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Challenge Weekend

April 07, 2017 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Fri - Sun21 - 23

Mentor Weekend

April 21 @ 6:00 PM - April 23 @ 8:00 PM

Final Event

MAY 24 @ 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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