This page provides information about Go Code Colorado 2020 which was canceled due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19. Check back early 2021 for information about the next Go Code Colorado.

Photo of a large auditorium full of men and women in seats watching two men in dark suits make a presenation from a stage flanked by screens showing a colorful slide with the words “hire” and “fire.” Behind the men is a projection of the Go Code Colorado logo.

Multidisciplinary teams compete in Go Code Colorado to turn public data into useful business insights, analyses and tools.

The 2020 Go Code Colorado competition begins with a February Kick-Off event in both Denver and Grand Junction, followed a month later by Challenge Day events held in those same locations. At Challenge Day, team insights, analyses and tools are workshopped with mentors, data tech teams and peers. A little over two weeks later teams will submit materials for the Semi-Final Submission judging and three finalists from each track, from each region will be selected to continue working towards submitting for the Final Awards Event. In May, the finalist teams then present their business insights, analyses, visualizations and tools at a Final Awards Event in Denver, where two winners from each track are selected. By the Final Awards Event, teams need a minimum viable product or deep dive on analysis.

The strongest teams are diverse and multidisciplinary, composed of big thinkers, entrepreneurs, software developers, data analysts and scientists, designers, business and marketing professionals, and general doers. The only thing they need to have in common is the passion to make insightful, useful tools or analysis for businesses using public data.


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