Mar 22 2014

Data and Data API Q&A

Data and Data API Q&A Keep an eye on this thread for news, info and updates on data and the data API.  Got data or data API questions?  Please post them to this thread. Meanwhile, keep an eye on this running log of data topics  from Challenge Weekend in a public Google doc.

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Mar 22 2014

Challenge Weekend Questions

As the weekend progresses, we will keep track of some of the more common questions here on the site. Where can I learn more about the available datasets? There is a Data Cheat Sheet that is being updated during the Challenge Weekend and additional details can be found on our Data page. Are datasets freely […]

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Mar 22 2014

Judging Criteria

We got started with our Challenge Weekend events last night and so far, they are full of good food, great people, and tons of ideas. We are having a fabulous time and there is a ton of energy about Go Code Colorado and using public data to solve business challenges. On Sunday night each team […]

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Mar 21 2014

Go Code Colorado Videos

Check out why Coloradans are excited about Go Code Colorado in this great video with business owners, government agencies and the local tech community! Challenge Videos One of the key elements of Go Code Colorado is that we are asking the community to create solutions for challenges that the businesses of our state face. Check […]

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Mar 19 2014

What You Need to Know for Challenge Weekend

Get excited! The Go Code Colorado Kick-Off starts today, with five Challenge Weekend events starting this Friday. Build Your Team on CollabFinder Many of you have asked for a way to engage with other Challenge Weekend participants BEFORE Go Code Colorado events actually begin. Enter CollabFinder. Find potential teammates based on skill sets, location, etc., […]

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Mar 14 2014

Thank You, Google

We’re excited to announce that Google’s Boulder office has come on board as Go Code Colorado’s Summit Partner! Their generous support will ensure the success of the upcoming Kick-Off Event in Denver, and the Challenge Weekend events across Colorado. 500 Reasons to Sign Up As part of their partnership, they will be giving 0 in Google Cloud […]

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Mar 10 2014

Chance to Win Additional 0,000 in Grants

As if the k in cash awards, access to industry leading mentors, healthy competition and building a stronger Colorado economy weren’t enough, the three winning Go Code Colorado teams will also automatically qualify as finalists in OEDIT’s Advanced Industries – Early Stage Program, making them eligible to receive up to 0,000 each in grant funding. That’s […]

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Mar 5 2014

Western Slope DTC

I recently had the opportunity to visit Durango, (my college hometown!) with my colleagues for a site visit. We had meetings lined up with people from top to bottom and left to right, but nothing could’ve prepared us for what we received while we were there. We had a two day whirlwind tour starting up […]

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Mar 4 2014

Colorado Springs — In it to win it.

As one of the event organizers for Go Code Colorado, I have had the pleasure of traveling around the state to each of the 5 locations to look at the sites, and well, organize. Each site has a truly unique flavor and each one has impressed me in so many different ways. I rode the […]

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Feb 28 2014

HOW TO Access Data in Data.Colorado.Gov

Introduction This article describes how to access data in Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM), the State of Colorado’s official open data portal and the data resource for Go Code Colorado. More on CIM The Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM) is a platform provided by Socrata and licensed by Colorado’s Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) on behalf of […]

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