Apr 30 2014

ESRI Supports Go Code!

Thank you to everyone who attended Mentor Check-In recently! We had a great turnout and from that we had a lot of ideas buzzing around. As one of the business challenges was Site Location, many teams utilized an API from ESRI, one of our Go Code Colorado partners. ESRI has been a great asset to Go […]

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Apr 16 2014

Rally and Gnip partnership with Go Code Colorado

It’s Week 17 since Go Code Colorado launched, Day 37 since Challenge Weekend, and it’s flying by! We want to tell you a bit more about some of our amazing partners: Rally Software and GNIP, both of which have shown an outpouring of support in the past few weeks.  Rally Software hosted the Boulder challenge […]

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Apr 8 2014

SendGrid and Go Code Colorado

Go Code Colorado has had many great supporters this year, but SendGrid—an email deliverability company—has been a standout. This 2009 Boulder TechStars alum made a tradition of providing an outpouring of support for community, not only locally, but globally. Whether it’s hosting Women Who Code, Sphero Hackathons, or Music Hack Day in London, you’re sure […]

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Mar 25 2014

Challenge Weekend Finalists

Thank you to all of the Coloradans that participated in, volunteered or mentored at Challenge Weekend events. We heard some amazing ideas from teams across the state, and are proud to announce our finalists! Finalists by Location Boulder Colorado Springs Denver Durango Fort Collins Boulder Finalists HotSpot Team Members Scott Brenner Willy Douglas Will Klein […]

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Mar 22 2014

Explore a Sample Premium API on CIM

Premium API’s and the Socrata API Foundry The Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM) runs on the Socrata platform. The Socrata platform provides a utility — the API Foundry — for building a self-documenting dataset API and publishing an enhanced API endpoint web page with helpful developer tools. Explore a Sample We’ve published a sample of a […]

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Mar 22 2014

Data and Data API Q&A

Data and Data API Q&A Keep an eye on this thread for news, info and updates on data and the data API.  Got data or data API questions?  Please post them to this thread. Meanwhile, keep an eye on this running log of data topics  from Challenge Weekend in a public Google doc.

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Mar 22 2014

Challenge Weekend Questions

As the weekend progresses, we will keep track of some of the more common questions here on the site. Where can I learn more about the available datasets? There is a Data Cheat Sheet that is being updated during the Challenge Weekend and additional details can be found on our Data page. Are datasets freely […]

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Mar 22 2014

Judging Criteria

We got started with our Challenge Weekend events last night and so far, they are full of good food, great people, and tons of ideas. We are having a fabulous time and there is a ton of energy about Go Code Colorado and using public data to solve business challenges. On Sunday night each team […]

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Mar 21 2014

Go Code Colorado Videos

Check out why Coloradans are excited about Go Code Colorado in this great video with business owners, government agencies and the local tech community! Challenge Videos One of the key elements of Go Code Colorado is that we are asking the community to create solutions for challenges that the businesses of our state face. Check […]

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Mar 19 2014

What You Need to Know for Challenge Weekend

Get excited! The Go Code Colorado Kick-Off starts today, with five Challenge Weekend events starting this Friday. Build Your Team on CollabFinder Many of you have asked for a way to engage with other Challenge Weekend participants BEFORE Go Code Colorado events actually begin. Enter CollabFinder. Find potential teammates based on skill sets, location, etc., […]

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