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HivelyThe hiring process is outdated. Hively saves you time and money by connecting talent to business culture.


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Team, Talk Data To Me is made of Team Leader & Product Design: Dalton Patterson, Product Developer: Nathan Harris, Lead Presenter & PHP Developer: Zach Bowers, Presenter 2 & Business Innovation : John Franck, Graphic Designer: Breton Brander, & Motion Graphic Designer: Jeremy Wick.


Hively used data sets from a list of business entities, employment by industry, and occupational employment statistics.



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Foodcaster –the business intelligence app

for mobile food truck owners. Find nearby events, pedestrians, parking restrictions, easily locate hungry customers, increase profits and sell remaining inventory.


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Foodcaster used state data sets about pedestrian foot traffic and cellular service data and combined this data with food truck parking regulations data, Google Maps, Twitter social data and Facebook events data.


Team members: Paige Crowley (pictured), John Gainfort (pictured), Jun Heider, & Anna Thielke.




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Utilizing Regulation Explorer  web-based mapping platform allows development engineers, landmen, regulatory specialists, and company executives to address site specific regulatory matters at the earliest stage of project development.



Gocode 2016 finale web 222Regulation Explorer drew from over sixteen publicly available data sets.


Team members: Emily Hueni, Danielle Leighton, Janel Guerrero, Sam Richard, Wojciech Magda, Kelly Wilson and Ronald Stites


More information on the 2016 winners.


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2016 Challenge Statements



2016 Go Code Annual Report




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MentorMatter is an app designed to make mentoring easy, impactful, and fun. We will provide the tools you need to create meaningful, professional relationships.

There is a disconnect Go code colorado 2015 winning teams denver 23rd studios photography secratary of state wayne williams 1 300x200between the skills that graduates have and what business needs. MentorMatter connects college and university students with volunteer industry mentors to improve recruiting and increase new hire retention through mentorship.

Team members: Aiko Cheslin, Kelley Poturalski, Edgar Cordova, Monisha Merchant, Miguel Truijillo, Dylan Koji-Cheslin, Thi Mai, Scott Pantall & Jaylyn Stoesz




Stay Co-Flow

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An incentive-based mobile app designed to encourage and validate responsible commuting behavior. It will reduce traffic congestion by analyzing, predicting, and promoting responsible and environmentally friendly ways to change commuting patterns. Commuters will be incentivized by perks from local businesses.


Team members: Nick Volpe, Jasser Mohamed, Wiley Thayer, Jeremy Folds, Tamer Mohamed & David Sanchez


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Pikr Knows helps people discover activities and excitement in Colorado. Whether you are looking for beer and outdoor adventures or arts and entertainment, Pikr Knows what is fun to do.


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Users willingly offer personally identifiable information in exchange for suggestions of interesting things to do. This visibility informs businesses as to how they might adjust their business models, offerings and marketing/sales efforts to maximize profitable and sustainable revenue.


Team members: Woljiech Magda, Jordan Majd, Kevin Winn, Rich Kopcho & David Crook


More information on the 2015 WINNERS



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2015 Challenge Statements

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2015 Annual Report


1st place

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Simply provide an address and Beagle will fetch a business fitness score based on dozens of sources.


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Just let us know where you want to do business and Beagle will fetch dozens of data types and sources. From infrastructure and the neighborhood to the competition, regulations, and taxes, Beagle will rate a location and give you a snapshot of what would be ahead of you for any place in Colorado.


Team members: Sean Wittmeyer and Wojciech Magda


For more information on 2014 First Place Winners



2nd place

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BizLink Colorado allows business owners to build their B2B network and show how they fit into the Colorado business community.


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These connections help to build a business’s reputation and make it easier for established businesses to be found. It is also a tool for new and expanding businesses to source partners. Other sites like LinkedIn have created networks with person to person connections, and much of the internet is focused on B2C relationships such as consumer facing directories.


Team members: Tristan Rubadeau, Aaaron Renner, Shawn Meek, Cody Schaff & Natalie Carpenter


For more information on 2014 Second Place Winners



3rd place


LocalSage helps business owners determine the best location for their businesses.



The LocalSage process is unique and personal, making the complicated process of site selection easy and fun. Our app provides access to complex and powerful data without sacrificing usability or clarity.


Team members: Scooter Wadsworth, Spencer Norman, Chris Bachicha, Karen Dunne, Jeremy Folds, Mark Rantal, Kyle Tolle, Nick Volpe and Vern Volpe


For more information on 2014 Third Place Winners 




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Challenge Statements

2014 Challenge Statements


Go code 2014 Annual Report

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Kickoff 2017

February 01, 2017 @ 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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April 07, 2017 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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April 21 @ 6:00 PM - April 23 @ 8:00 PM

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