An initiative of the Colorado’s Secretary of State’s Business Intelligence Center made possible with assistance and support of the Governor’s Office, the Statewide Internet Portal Authority, the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Go Code Colorado is an apps challenge designed to make public data more accessible and user-friendly.

Teams of developers and entrepreneurs across the state will compete to solve business problems and grow our economy, by building apps that will help Colorado companies thrive.

Go Code Colorado is a way to show us how to use the data the State of Colorado collects and manages.

Our Mission

  • Make our economy stronger by engaging Coloradans and creating tools of value for Colorado businesses.
  • Recognize what government, businesses, and Coloradans are good at, and bring them all together to produce B2B apps.
  • Make public data available to the people that own it – that’s you, Colorado.

Build apps. Build business. Build Colorado.

Complex Challenges, Simple Solutions

To ensure that Go Code Colorado is addressing business problems that Colorado businesses actually have, we engaged the Colorado business community to submit their biggest challenges and opportunities for growth.

After numerous input sessions and hours double checking that public data could help address those problems, we’re encouraging teams to build business apps to address the following challenges:

Challenge 1: Business Site Location

Heather Alcott from Glaze discusses the importance of business site location and what she would like to see in an app:

When a business starts or relocates, it needs to find a location. But business owners have limited site location information and the information that they can find is often difficult to access:

  • Infrastructure data such as transportation or broadband connections
  • Demographic data such as the surrounding population’s income, education or age
  • Incentive information such as tax credits
  • Statistics on available workforce resources in an area

Plus, there’s frequently a lack of integration of business opportunity data with demographic data, making it difficult for businesses to truly assess the best site location to support their future growth and talent needs.

The apps that teams develop will help level the playing field across Colorado cities, and ensure that our businesses have the tools to find the best location to support their growth.

Challenge 2: Competitive Landscape

Hear a real world example of why understanding the landscape of your industry is key and how this Challenge may help from Brian Freeman with Grower’s Organic:

Much of the competitive data that businesses need to assess their industry and the inherent competition is held by private companies, and thus expensive, or inaccessible.

By aggregating industry- and company-level data from state, local, federal, academic and media sources, businesses could view items such as:

  • Competitive density
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Market analysis tools

Businesses will use these apps to better understand and uniquely position their businesses to stand out from the competition.

Challenge 3: Access to Capital

Jeff Macco, CEO at Seedpaths, shares about the impact and importance of this challenge from many of his endeavors:

Often businesses need investment capital to continue their growth or other capital resources to maintain their operations.

Navigating the investment process with venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity firms, incubators and accelerators can be confusing and overwhelming.

Further, knowing when to pursue commercial lending can be difficult and what is involved can be confusing and overwhelming as well. Plus, certain investors only work with specific types of businesses.

The apps developed will help businesses:

  • Review active investors and their recent investments
  • Choose the right strategic partners for funding or acquisition
  • Narrow down investment options based on business type or revenue
  • Evaluate investment packages
  • Discover beneficial supplier relationships
  • Understand historical trends and key exits

Challenge 4: Higher Education Resources

Carol Carlson from Gates discusses what this challenge’s benefits and implications could be for her work and her company:

Colorado colleges and universities have a multitude of resources available to the public, many of which can help support local businesses at a minimal cost.

Unfortunately these businesses don’t know what’s available:

  • Research and consulting services
    • Intellectual property data and statistics
    • Purchasing habits of Coloradans
    • Compensation levels and benefits across Colorado
  • Pools of talent
    • Interns
    • Recent graduates
    • Professors
  • On-campus resources
    • Facilities including classroom space
    • Services such as design, research, catering, and more

By generating an app that compiles the available resources at Colorado universities, we’ll increase collaboration between public and private entities, benefiting both.

Challenge 5: Business Partners

Hear from John Land Le Coq on what this challenge means to him and his companies, Fishpond and Lilypond:

Sourcing local business partners can be difficult due to the technical nature of many business problems and the fact that so many companies outsource.

Yet many Colorado businesses would like to be good Colorado stewards and support Colorado businesses, while also building their local reputation and increasing their bottom line.

Unfortunately, they have limited information regarding:

  • Industry statistics
  • Company locations sorted by industry
  • Individual company performance data
  • Information on company challenges and solutions needed

A business app that helps Colorado businesses address their business problems by sourcing partners in their industry or supporting industries will help grow the Colorado economy and build interdependence.

Develop apps, develop our economy.

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