Year 2 Dates

About Go Code Colorado

Go Code Colorado is an apps challenge designed to make public data more accessible and user-friendly. Teams of developers and entrepreneurs across the state competed to solve business problems and grow our economy, by building apps that will help Colorado companies thrive. Below are the 2014 winners.


Beagle // Fort Collins, CO

Simply provide an address and Beagle will fetch a business fitness score based on dozens of sources. Best delivered as an embeddable widget designed for real estate and MLS websites, Beagle provides a simple tool that lets you explore the data behind the numbers, helping you find your business’ next home. Utilizing customizable weights and evolving data sets, Beagle scores get better with use. Read More

BizLink Colorado

BizLink // Durango, CO

BizLink Colorado allows business owners to build their B2B network and show how they fit into the Colorado business community. These connections help to build a business’s reputation and make it easier for established businesses to be found. It is also a tool for new and expanding businesses to source partners. Read More


LocalSage // Colorado Springs, CO

LocalSage helps business owners determine the best location for their businesses. The LocalSage process is unique and personal, making the complicated process of site selection easy and fun. Our app provides access to complex and powerful data without sacrificing usability or clarity.
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Thanks to all the Finalists

Thanks so much to all of the amazing Go Code Colorado teams!

We loved working with a diverse group of people from across the state to use public data to adress business challenges. All of the Finalist teams did an amazing job over the last couple of months and especially at our Final Competition.
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